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Experience unparalleled precision as our NextGen AI Resume Parser outperforms competitors in blind tests, allowing you to place candidates faster than ever before.
Accuracy Across Key Fields
Affinda resume parsing software and OCR parsers
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Icon: Superb Adaptability
Superb Adaptability
Unleash the power of a parser that understands your industry jargons and is customisable to your business's unique needs.
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Extensive Data Coverage
Access an AI parser that effortlessly extracts 100+ fields and supports over 56 languages. With our comprehensive coverage, no information goes unexplored.

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How Affinda's NextGen Resume Parser
Streamlines Your Workflow

Icon: Resume parser for Job Boards
Job Boards use our Resume Parser API to increase their job application completion rate.
Icon: Resume parser for HR SaaS Companies
HR SaaS Companies use Affinda’s recruitment technology like the resume parser to make the hiring process twice as easy.
Icon: Resume parser for Recruiting Teams
Recruiting Teams & HR use Affinda to extract better quality data from CVs and waste less time on fixing mistakes in candidate profiles.
Icon: Resume parser for Recruiting Teams
ATS use Affinda Resume Parser to get the most accurate data and offer the best candidate shortlisting solution to their clients.

Pricing tailored to your business needs.

Basic Testing Package
Perfect for testing our solution
30 day trial period
All features and capabilities
Parsing limit: 200 documents
Expiration: 1 month
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Advanced Testing Package
For testing full integration into your workflow
$80 USD
3 month trial period
Resume Parsing only
Extensive testing and integration of the API
Parsing limit: 2,000 documents
Expiration: 3 months

Pay as you parse.

Resume Parser
Annual Parses
Annual Pricing (USD)
Icon: Number of fields recognised with the parser
Over 100 fields recognised with 
off-the-shelf product
Affinda’s machine learning software uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to extract more than 100 fields from each resume, organizing them into searchable file formats.
Icon: Resume parser learning graph
Gets better from there
Our AI powered resume parser learns with each resume it processes. It is super-accurate right from the beginning and gets better overtime.
Icon: Parser supports 56 languages
56 languages supported
Affinda Resume Parser will have no issues processing CVs written in 56+ languages - even when resumes contain more than one language.
Icon: API for bulk CV data extracting
API available for bulk CV processing
Don't limit your resume parsing automation to English only. Affinda's resume parser covers many more.
Icon: Integration with Bullhorn
Bullhorn integration
You can quickly and seamlessly connect your Affinda resume parser with your Bullhorn and supercharge it.

Most of our clients choose us after conducting blind tests with competitors. Why don't you do the same?

Affinda consistently comes out ahead in competitive tests against other systems. With Affinda's NextGen Resume Parser, you can spend less time and money parsing resumes while drastically improving your output quality. See for yourself.

Resume Parser helps you build a high-quality database. Make the most of it.

Accurately parsing your resumes is necessary, but it's not all you could be doing. Take the next step and discover how Affinda's Recruitment AI Suite can help you achieve more with less effort and without compromising on quality. Look into these tools and make it happen.

Resume Redactor

Eliminate the bias from your recruitment process and ensure fair employment practices for all.

Job Description Parser

Extract all the relevant data from job descriptions and set your recruitment process up for success.

Candidate Search & Match

It's time to introduce better, smarter, and smoother candidate placement process in place. You don't need a procedure overhaul -you just need our Search & Match.

No rushed decisions or risky commitments. Test your resume parser first.

We understand that changing solutions is not an easy process. That is why you have to have a good reason to do it. Try Affinda's NextGen Resume Parser for free or book a demo so we can show you all it can do. Make an informed choice that works best for your business.