AI Powered Candidate Search & Match.
Only Better.

You’ve worked so hard to attract job applicants. Are you using all that precious data the best you can?

Discover how AI powered Search & Match can make all the difference.

Minimises “false fits”
You want more than just target qualified candidates for each job - our AI also filters by those most likely to respond and engage, helping find the right candidates with fewer interviews.
Designed for white labelling
The user interface (UI) is streamlined and minimal, making it easy to incorporate into your platform and white-label as a component of your own offering.
No onboarding required
You’ll find that the search interface is as user-friendly as any familiar search engine. It requires no special training, and can be used by every team member.
Candidate matching

Find the top-notch candidates hidden in your database.

Search an Existing Database of Candidates

Search within your entire database of Resumes. Filter by Experience, Title, Location, Qualifications and More. Each candidate will receive a score based on the criteria you set.

database candidates.
search by job.

Search by job description

Upload a job description and almost like magic, Affinda will bring up the list of candidates it has matched to your position.

Find Similar Candidates

Upload the resume of someone whose profile you like, and Affinda will bring up a list of similar candidates using our recommendation engine.

similar candidates.
Job matching

Help candidates find the right job for them.

match candidates.

Match Jobs to a Candidate

Upload a candidate’s resume and see which roles in your database are the best fit.

Profile scoring

Compare a resume to a single role, and receive a Profile Score (*API only).

profile scoring.

Make an informed decision. Take your time. Test Affinda Search & Match first.

Extracting all that precious data from resumes and job descriptions is just a beginning of an efficient recruitment process. Your next step should be AI that allows you to make the most out of all that saved and structured information. Let us show you how.

Two easy integration options available.

Embed an iFrame
Connect your CV database, work with our team to adapt to your colours and branding, and then embed the iFrame in your platform.
Use our API
Build your own custom interface and make calls to our well-documented API.

Candidate Search & Match lets you tap into the real value of your structured data. Make it happen.

Matching jobs and candidates is not the only thing AI can help you with. Take a look into Affinda's Recruitment AI and discover how it can help you automate different phases of your recruitment processes.

Once your job description data is all sorted, it's only logical to do the same with the resume data. With data that structured, your processes will be better than ever.

Extract all the relevant data from job descriptions and set your recruitment process up for success.

Eliminate the bias from your recruitment process and ensure fair employment practices for all.

Explore all the options for Search & Match. No pressure. No risks.

Introducing new solutions into your existing processes can be challenging. You have to make sure that the change is worth your while. We're here to tell you Affinda Search & Match won't disappoint you. Test it on your own, or book a call with us and we'll show you precisely how life-changing it can be.