Have repetitive document processing tasks? There’s an AI for that.

Affinda processes documents combining human‑like understanding and computer‑grade accuracy.

Our document processing AI caters to:





Human Resources



and more

Compliance documents.

Automate your document processing in three simple steps.


We chat with you to understand
your requirements.


We build a custom AI model

your team can test.


We deploy the bespoke model
into production.


AI that fits into your existing systems, seamlessly.

We work with your team to integrate via REST API, or deploy as a self‑hosted solution.

Affinda AI fits into your existing systems.

Here’s how some of our existing customers have implemented our custom extractors:

Integrated Affinda directly into their downstream platform.
Leveraged Robotic Process Automation to entirely replace manual tasks.
Used the latest advancements in AI to generate documents and workflows.

Case Studies

Real stories from clients we’ve helped with Affinda AI document automation.

Enhancing SEEK's Global Customer Experience with Affinda's AI-powered Resume Parsing Solution

To successfully expand its CV parsing capabilities to international markets, SEEK identified a need to enhance their resume parsing technology.

Recruitment Boost chooses Affinda to increase Resume Parsing accuracy

Recruitment Boost’s previous resume parsing provider's accuracy was causing some issues in their downstream candidate matching processes.

Our AI is already loved and trusted by

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"Affinda's ongoing improvements in their AI models demonstrate their innovative approach in Document AI."

Michael Zhao

AI Product Manager | SEEK

Affinda security

We spend all day thinking about security so you don’t have to.

We know it’s not easy to navigate the complex world of information security, but we understand it’s importance. We have invested heavily in security across multiple fronts to enable continuous monitoring and improvement of security practices. Our practices are ISO 27001 certified so you can be confident your data is safe.

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