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Here’s how VEGA saves you 4 minutes on every invoice processed.

VEGA is our cutting-edge AI engine that powers all Affinda's document processing solutions making them the best on the market. Here's how VEGA processes your invoices.

VEGA saves you time.
Over 50 fields for invoice processing
Our AI invoice extractor can be used to extract dozens of fields from each invoice. It even works with PDF, JPG, or PNG formats.
Extract invoices in 56 languages
Don't limit your invoice processing automation to English only. Affinda's invoice extractor covers many more.
VEGA learns over time
With every invoice, VEGA learns your business. Little by little, it begins to recognise your suppliers and process invoices with more and more accuracy.
Bulk invoice API
Just a single API call is all you need to start the process of automated extraction from entire batches of invoices.
Adaptive recognition
Do you have to manually adapt to every new invoice type you receive? Our invoice parser adapts to new formats – like magic!

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Invoice processing automation makes an incredible difference when it comes to productivity of the Accounts Payable Teams. So, why stop there? Take a look at our Accounts Payable AI and save your team hours of work every week. You have a specific case? Let's try and work it out together.

Our AI is very powerful and very trainable.

Receipt Extractor example.

Extract receipt data and make reimbursements and expense tracking easy.

Custom documents processing.

Our team of experts loves a challenge. Chat to us about your specific document processing needs and we might just have a custom-tailored solution for you.

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