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What is Affinda’s AI solution for ATS system providers?

Are your customers experiencing any of these challenges?

Manual data input
recruiters inputting resume data into their system manually, leading to errors and inefficiencies in the process

Poor candidate experiences
recruitment processes are manual, lengthy and time consuming, leading to lower application rates

Recruitment bias
resumes not redacted for sensitive information, potentially resulting in biased decision-making in the hiring process

Lengthy resume review process
recruiters spending a considerable amount of time reviewing resumes manually, slowing down the recruitment process and impacting efficiency

Inaccurate candidate matching
recruiters manually matching candidates to roles without data-driven insights, affecting the quality of candidate selection

Affinda’s AI recruitment suite – challenges solved.

Affinda's NextGen Resume Parser, AI Resume Redactor, Job Description Parser and Search and Match work seamlessly together to create a powerful suite of AI tools that drive automation and efficiency in candidate selection. This integrated approach enables ATS tracking system providers to offer a holistic solution to their users, allowing them to not only extract and analyse candidate data accurately, but also hire fairly by redacting biased data and match candidates effectively to job descriptions. By combining these AI capabilities, you can deliver enhanced value to your customers, improving the overall recruitment experience and driving better hiring outcomes.

Integrate Affinda’s AI solutions into your ATS in four simple steps

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Choose and configure the products that are right for your software

Integrate the products into your platform using our REST API

Need an AI solution customised to your specific ATS system needs? Our expert team can build a model tailored to your business workflows.

Document AI processing solutions for every business.

NextGen Resume Parser

Transform files of job descriptions into organised data you can use to find the best suited candidates for a role.

Job Description Parser

Automate the processing of invoices, receipts, credit notes and more to optimise your accounting and finance departments.

Resume Redactor

Automate the processing of identity documents to optimise KYC, onboarding and identity verification processes.

Candidate Search & Match

Automate hundreds of other document processing workflows - speak to our team about your specific use case.

How our AI solutions can benefit your applicant tracking system customers

Automate resume parsing

Have key data extracted from resumes, such as work experience, skills, education, and contact details, and organise it into a structured format, saving recruiters time and helping them quickly identify relevant candidates.

Improve candidate matching

Analyse job descriptions and candidate profiles to make more accurate and efficient matches, helping recruiters find the best-fit candidates for job openings more effectively.

Reduce manual data entry

Manual data entry is not only tedious but is also prone to errors. Our solution automates this process, minimising errors and discrepancies. Ensure greater accuracy, consistency, and reliability in data.

Enhance business productivity

Our solution streamlines data extraction, analysis and management, quickly transforming unstructured data into actionable insights. This boosts productivity and accelerates decision-making, driving business growth.

Innovative features that set us apart from the rest.

Superior accuracy
Highly flexible and customisable
Over 50+ fields extracted
Supports multiple file formats: PDF, JPG, PNG
Supports over 56 languages
Upload and extract in bulk
Self-learning models improve over time
Seamless upstream and downstream integration

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