AI Resume Redactor.
Only Better.

Anonymise resumes and pick the best person for the job every time.

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Open this web page on a desktop device to upload your documents and see how it works for yourself.

Make your recruitment process as fair as it gets.

Pick which resume fields to keep visible and which to redact.

Keep all resumes in their original format, while anonymizing potentially biasing fields. Base your decisions on relevant skills and qualifications only.

Protect against discriminatory biases
Including bias for or against age, gender, 
nationality, and more.
Promote fair candidate selection
Highlight skills and experience rather than background.
Foster increased diversity
Build teams with broader views
and perspectives.
Integrate into your applicant
tracking system
Seamlessly add our plug-and-play functionality to your current HR software.
Make your own redacted
fields and parameters
Specify a pre-set list of fields to redact on all resumes.
Redact resumes in bulk
with a single click
Upload resumes in bulk, and redact them in large batches on command.

Contact us for bulk, white label, and API options for your resume redactor.

There's much more to a recruitment process than anonymising CVs. We can help with all of it.

Affinda's Recruitment AI offers the most accurate Resume Parser, Job Parser API, and a superb Candidate Search & Match. These work well on their own, but together make your recruitment process quicker and more efficient than ever. Resume Redactor adds another layer of quality to that process.

Once your job description data is all sorted, it's only logical to do the same with the resume data. With data that structured, your processes will be better than ever.

Extract all the relevant data from job descriptions and set your recruitment process up for success.

It's time to introduce better, smarter, and smoother candidate placement process in place. You don't need a procedure overhaul -you just need our Search & Match.

Try our Recruitment AI solutions first and make your decision later.

Improving your recruitment process comes with its challenges - but technology doesn't have to be one of them. Affinda's Recruitment AI can be the improvement you have been looking for, giving you the upper hand over the competition. Test it yourself or talk to our team of experts to make a seamless transition.