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Anonymize resumes fast with Affinda’s resume redaction software.

Blind resume screening helps eliminate hiring bias — increasing your team’s diversity and effectiveness. Use our tool to blind CVs online, or use our resume redaction API in your technology platform.

Use the online resume anonymization & redaction tool to:

Protect against
discriminatory biases
Including bias for or against age, gender, nationality, etc.
Promote fair
candidate selection
Highlight skills and experience rather than background.
Foster increased
Build teams with broader views and perspectives.
This tool keeps all resumes in their original format, while anonymizing potentially biasing fields — making it easy for you to review each candidate’s relevant skills and qualifications, and start building more diverse teams throughout your organization.
Diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets.

Interested in a professional CV redaction solution?

Contact us for bulk, white label, and API options.

Anonymize any combination of fields — in just seconds - using our tool to blind CVs.

Any personal information on a resume — from a candidate’s name, to their place of birth, to their marital status, to their age and gender — can impact your hiring decisions in small unconscious ways.

Affinda’s AI-driven solution minimizes these unconscious biases from your hiring process, by redacting a wide range of potentially biasing information. You’re free to choose which fields to redact — and which specific fields you want to anonymize.

Redactable fields include:

Email address
Website links
Social media links
Phone numbers
Schools and universities
Hobbies, interests, clubs
Don’t see a field that is of particular interest? Get in touch and we’ll add it to our roadmap.
A blind, systematic process helps improve the chances of including the most competent candidates in your interview pool by anonymizing applications, thereby uncovering some hidden gems and sourcing diverse candidates.

Get rid of hiring biases
in your decision making.

Our AI-powered CV redactor helps to systematically minimize the hiring biases that prevent you from discovering top candidates:
Halo effect
Allows one trait to influence an employer’s feelings about unrelated areas of a candidate’s resume
Gender bias
Makes an employer assume — consciously or unconsciously — that one gender is better suited for a role
Afinity bias
Causes employers to rate candidates who share their viewpoints more favorably than those who don’t
Minority pool bias
Causes employers to judge certain ethnicities within their applicant pool more negatively than others
Confirmation bias
Makes employers vulnerable to excessive influence by data that supports their existing beliefs
Whether you’re a hiring manager, or simply sourcing a new member for your team, our deep learning technology can help you develop a more diverse workforce — starting right now.
Companies [should] blind themselves to the demographic characteristics of job applicants. That means taking off names… age… photographs… All of that should go.

Looking for a CV redaction API?

Use the simple, user-friendly pro-level tool to automate blind hiring throughout your review process!
Integrate into your applicant
tracking system
Seamlessly add our plug-and-play functionality to your current HR software.
Customize your own redacted
fields and parameters
Specify a pre-set list of fields to redact, or leave unredacted, on all resumes.
Redact thousands of resumes
with a single click
Upload resumes in bulk, and redact them in large batches on command.

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Frequently asked questions:

What file types does Affinda's redactor work on?

The redactor software works with Word docs and PDF files. If you’re interested in uploading other types of files, feel free to get in touch with our AI experts. We’re here to help!

What does an anonymized resume look like?

An anonymized resume looks just like the original, aside from the redacted fields. The end result of our resume redaction process is a file that’s indistinguishable from the original resume, except that personal information has been blocked out. The output preserves all structure, fonts, coloring and other formatting from each file you upload, redacting only the types of info that might impact your hiring decisions.

How many documents can I upload at once?

You can upload 25 resumes in a single batch. This helps ensure that all our users enjoy fast processing speeds, and that everyone accessing the tool gets a fair share of bandwidth and machine learning intelligence. However, if you’re interested in redacting an unlimited volume of uploaded resumes, consider using our professional solution! Get in touch with one of our AI experts to find out how.

How long will it take to redact resumes?

Both our online app and our CV redactor API can process resumes in just a few seconds. Don’t feel like waiting? No problem! We’ll be happy to send you an email when your output is ready — usually within 10 minutes or less. And if you’re interested in scaling up to larger-scale bulk processing of thousands of resumes, our AI experts are ready to help you take that step.

How does Affinda anonymize CVs and resumes?

Affinda’s leading-edge artificial intelligence (AI) system uses machine learning abilities such as natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition to pinpoint personally identifying fields within each candidate’s resume. Then our algorithm goes to work, blocking out all the fields you’ve specified, while leaving the overall appearance and format of each resume perfectly intact. That means your resume review process can proceed as it normally would — except now it’s blind and diversity-friendly.

What is resume redaction?

Basically, resume redaction is the process of screening resumes and blocking out bias-susceptible data.

Redactor technology enables hiring managers to focus on what really matters about a candidate — like job skills, experience and qualifications — rather than on information that could inadvertently bias them against a well-qualified candidate, such as gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background or religious beliefs. Redacted resumes look just like the originals, and remain in the same file formats. The only difference is that personally identifying information has been blocked out. You might also have seen terms like “blind CV,” “anonymous CV,” and “anonymous resume,” which refer to the results of this same process.

How can I incorporate blind resume screening into my hiring process?

Redaction can be helpful throughout many stages of the hiring process, but it’s particularly useful during initial screening, when many candidates tend to get overlooked — intentionally or otherwise — due to information that biases employers against them. These biases may not always be intentional, and can be triggered by something as small as a candidate’s last name, their place of birth, or even an achievement that carries certain associations for reviewers. While blind recruitment alone can’t completely remove gender bias — or any other bias — from an organization, blind screening does help mitigate these biases, ensuring that top-qualified candidates don’t get passed up for the jobs they’re great at. It also helps employers maintain the most diverse workforce possible.

How will resume redaction help me achieve my blind recruiting goals?

Whether your goal is simply to remove bias in a specific area, or to create a totally blind recruitment process, Affinda’s redactor will help you maintain recruitment best practices through redaction, while making it easier to ignore traits that won’t affect an individual’s job performance. You’re able to choose what is redacted, so you can focus on eliminating gender or age bias, along with biases related to sexuality, national origin or religion. Or you can choose to redact all this information, leaving you free to focus exclusively on each candidate’s skills and achievements, with no distractions.

How can blind hiring lead to better recruitment outcomes?

Redaction helps ensure that top-qualified candidates don’t get passed up for the jobs they’re great at. It also helps employers maintain the most diverse workforce possible. This recruiting best practice is a key component of a diversity-centric recruiting strategy. By enabling you to focus on the skills and experience that qualify each candidate for a job role, you’ll be strongly positioned to notice top-qualified candidates, regardless of their origins or physical traits. As a result, you’ll build a more diverse workforce, better equipped to think outside the box and recognize new market opportunities.

What role does resume redaction play in blind recruiting?

By using anonymized resumes and CVs, your hiring team can focus on the traits that really matter about each candidate, such as skills and qualifications. When you remove potentially biasing information from your screening process, you’re one step closer to achieving truly blind recruiting — in other words, hiring the best-qualified candidates for each position, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity or national origin. When you make hiring decisions based strictly on a candidate’s qualifications, rather than on biasing information, you’ve got a blind recruiting process.

How can I incorporate blind hiring into my recruitment process?

The process of blind recruiting will look different for each organization, but it usually involves several common factors. First, one should redact information from CVs and resumes before the hiring manager begins screening candidates. This ensures that qualified applicants aren’t disqualified due to personal details that might bias anyone on the hiring team against them. Second, if a candidate is selected via this blind screening process, they are called in for an interview. Many diversity recruiting strategies incorporate additional bias-removing techniques further along the hiring pipeline.

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