Enhancing SEEK's Global Customer Experience with Affinda's AI-powered Resume Parsing Solution

Enhancing SEEK's Global Customer Experience with Affinda's AI-powered Resume Parsing Solution

September 1, 2023
4 Minutes
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  • SEEK is the leading job board in Asia Pacific, processing tens of millions of candidates and job listings every year.
  • Affinda's AI resume parser delivers reliable efficiency and accuracy in parsing.
  • Affinda's AI models successfully parse various languages, including Thai and Indonesian.

September 1, 2023
4 Minutes


SEEK, a leader in online employment marketplaces, operates across ten countries within Asia Pacific and Latin America. Their platform processes millions of candidates annually, handling diverse resume and job position formats spanning multiple industries. SEEK invests heavily to create innovative technology products to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed. 

Accelerating market expansion

To successfully expand its CV parsing capabilities to international markets, SEEK identified a need to enhance their resume parsing technology. The company sought after an AI-powered solution that could rapidly deliver accurate data extraction across multiple languages. With keen focus on global data security standards and responsive support, SEEK looked for a provider that was efficient and equipped to meet their growth-oriented goals without the need for prolonged development or parser language limitations.

Affinda's AI driven solution

In a matter of weeks, Affinda trained its AI models in various languages without needing input from SEEK, meeting its diverse platform requirements through providing a self-hosted solution with superior accuracy.

"Affinda's ongoing improvements in their AI models demonstrate their innovative approach in Document AI."
– Michael Zhao, AI Product Manager, SEEK

Exceeding expectations, empowering connections

In their everlasting efforts to create exceptional tech products and improve user experience, SEEK tested Affinda’s resume parser and found it to be an improvement in terms of quality accuracy and output across multiple languages. Affinda's commitment to customer satisfaction and data security allowed for its seamless integration into SEEK's platform.

“Affinda's AI-driven resume parser excels in enhancing global customer experiences. With a strong focus on data security and their adaptability in meeting our requirements, they've proven to be the optimal choice for our platform”.
- Michael Zhao, AI Product Manager, SEEK

Measurable impact

SEEK has improved their platform across markets and languages for the benefit of job seekers and employers alike, using Affinda's solution which brings numerous advantages including:

  • Highly accurate resume parsing across multiple languages
  • Enhanced data quality for downstream system use, such as matching candidates to jobs
  • Compliance with international software design and data management standards has been substantially strengthened
  • Establish a firm foundation for continual platform upgrades.

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