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Enhancing SEEK's Global Customer Experience with Affinda's AI-powered Resume Parsing Solution

  • SEEK is the leading job board in Asia Pacific, processing tens of millions of candidates and job listings every year.
  • Affinda's AI resume parser delivers reliable efficiency and accuracy in parsing.
  • Affinda's AI models successfully parse various languages, including Thai and Indonesian.

Recruitment Boost chooses Affinda to increase Resume Parsing accuracy

  • >150k resumes processed each year
  • Highly accurate data extraction to power better candidate matching
  • Flexible usage-based pricing model to accommodate varying demand

Aqore turbocharge their staffing software with Affinda’s candidate Search & Match

  • 120,000+ resumes parsed and indexed annually
  • 1800+ recruiters currently using the Aqore platform
  • Simple and intuitive candidate search & match functionality
  • Seamless integration in a matter of days
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