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Resume Parser: Jaam Automation integrates AI with their RPA software for automation of a client’s recruitment processes

"After we integrated Affinda’s AI Resume Parser into our existing software, our client was able to successfully automate their recruitment processes, improving efficiency and speed while reducing manual labour and associated costs. What made our experience even more remarkable was the proactive involvement of Affinda's team, who were always one step ahead in customising their technology to satisfy our unique needs.” Anton Du Toit - Head of Customer Success and Co-Founder at Jaam Automation.

Resume Parser & Resume Redactor: Supporting ATS providers to enhance accuracy, performance & combat bias in recruitment

  • Affinda's Resume Redactor eliminates bias by removing identifying information such as name, gender, age, and ethnicity, enabling focus on qualifications and skills.
  • A fair and unbiased recruitment process with Affinda's Resume Redactor enhances the candidate experience, driving positive interactions with the company.
  • Affinda’s customer was impressed with the resume parser, deciding to switch because of its higher accuracy, more affordable cost and Affinda’s superior customer service.

Document AI Platform: Felix streamlines insurance document processing and reduces manual data input by 76%

“Affinda were the perfect partner for Felix as we embarked on introducing AI technology into our platform.  We set out with an initial aim to cut down on document handling associated with the onboarding process for our vendors and improve submission accuracy for our contractor customers.  Affinda worked with Felix to deeply understand our product positioning and market opportunities, and provided technical expertise during execution as part of the overall project to develop a custom AI-driven solution.  The results have spoken for themselves, and we look forward to future work with Affinda as we mature in the AI space.  I commend them to anyone looking to enhance their product or business with AI capability.”  Steve O’Keeffe, Chief Technology Officer at Felix.

Document AI Platform: How Affinda helps mitigate risk associated with handling personally identifiable information (PII)

  • All documents containing PII identified
  • High risk documents secured appropriately  
  • Reduced risk exposure

Document AI Platform: Makesure automates identity document processing and reduces check response times by 99%

  • Increase of 300% in Straight-Through-Processing (STP) of checks, due to better data quality
  • Achieved a substantial labour cost reduction of 50% per check, due to less manual intervention by the support team  
  • Improved turnaround time for checks with the correct information, resulting in a decrease in median response time from 45 minutes to instantaneous

Resume Parser: Minotaur ATS strengthens their system with higher accuracy, reliability and speed

“Affinda’s Resume Parser is accurate, fast, easy to set up and the customer support throughout the migration process was invaluable. We’re extremely happy with the outcome and so are our customers.” James JP Sutton, Founder and CEO at Minotaur ATS

Resume Parser: SEEK improves their global job board by adding multiple language support to boost customer experiences

  • SEEK is the leading job board in Asia Pacific, processing tens of millions of candidates and job listings every year.
  • Affinda's AI resume parser efficiently delivers high levels of accuracy in parsing.
  • Affinda's AI models successfully parse multiple languages, including Thai and Indonesian.

Resume Parser: Spencer Ogden enhances global HR recruit services via streamlined candidate screening & faster placements

  • 5,000+ resumes processed each month
  • Over 585,000 resumes from existing database unlocked
  • Plug and play Bullhorn integration

Resume Parser: Recruitment Boost upgrades their ATS and CRM platform for more accurate candidate matching

  • 150,000+ resumes processed each year
  • Highly accurate data extraction to deliver better candidate matching
  • Flexible usage-based pricing model to accommodate varying demand

Resume Parser: FMG's global job board parses 85,000+ CVs annually at a speed of 1-3 seconds for recruitment success

  • Over 85,000 resumes parsed annually
  • Improved parsing accuracy and minimised resume parsing times, with resumes parsed on average within 1-3 seconds
  • Ability to parse complex resume formats across niche markets

Search & Match: Aqore optimises their HR staffing software to improve productivity and performance

  • 120,000+ resumes parsed and indexed annually
  • 1800+ recruiters currently using the Aqore platform
  • Simple and intuitive candidate search and match functionality
  • Seamless integration in a matter of days
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