AI Powered Job Description Parser. Only Better.

Imagine if all those job descriptions would become a searchable database right now. You just need a better parser.

Choose a Job Description Parser your developers will love you for.

Here’s how it works:

Send the job description to our API.

VEGA extracts your job description.

Receive the job as clean, usable data.

Job Description API.
Recognizes new formatting
New formatting or new fields - no problem. AI-based job parser can predict and recognise data it has never seen before. Even job descriptions with new formatting get parsed accurately.
Efficient bulk parsing
The entire purpose of your job description parser is to extract the information from them accurately and quickly, and make it a structured database. There's nothing that can make this process faster than bulk processing.
Bullhorn integration
Affinda's Job Description Parser is an addition to your process but not to your workload. With your Bullhorn integration, you'll continue to use the familiar interface, but it will work faster and better.

You are just one API call away.

Job Description Parser allows you to do a better job without changing how you do things.

Integrating Affinda's Job Description Parser into your workflow will not change the dashboard or the interface you're used to working on. The only thing that will change is that you'll have job description data readily available for your recruitment process.

Once your job description data is all sorted, it's only logical to do the same with the resume data. With data that structured, your processes will be better than ever.

It's time to introduce better, smarter, and smoother candidate placement process in place. You don't need a procedure overhaul -you just need our Search & Match.

Eliminate the bias from your recruitment process and ensure fair employment practices for all.

Let us show you what Affinda's Job Description Parser can do.

You need to see this Job Description Parser technology to be able to make the right call. We have an office full of experts excited to do a demo. It's a perfect match. No risks. No credit card numbers. No commitments. Just an informative conversation about how this can work for you.