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This is who leads the way.

Affinda is a result of cooperation between two extraordinary brothers - quantum physicist Ben Toner, and investment banker Timothy Toner. Together they forge the future of AI in business.

Ben Toner

Chief Scientist
Ben is an expert in machine learning, data science, software development and quantum computing. ​Ben has a PhD and Master of Science in Physics from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics from the University of Melbourne.

Timothy Toner

Founder & CEO
Tim has over 18 years of investment banking experience, including the last 10+ years running Vesparum Group. Previously, Tim worked at Lazard and Macquarie Group, where he focused on principal investments, M&A and equity capital markets.

This is Affinda's story.

Affinda is part of the Vesparum Group.
Vesparum was founded by brothers Ben and Timothy Toner. Their main goal was to use AI to transform businesses and prepare them for the future. How? By using AI to automate processes and solve commercial problems.

What seemed like a distant future, became reality in 2019. That is when natural language processing AI (NLP) started outperforming humans when it comes to language-based tasks. Ben knew right away, that this breakthrough would be a turning point in the way businesses use AI. It was time to create a new AI-based solution.

When these events took place, Ben and Tim had already developed one piece of the puzzle - the "document reading" part. The other part was all about AI 'understanding' the language it read. At that time, self-driving cars implemented that technology, so it was up to Ben and Tim to combine these two elements and create an AI engine that could do both - read and understand language.

They did precisely that. They created Vega - a powerful AI engine that knows how to read documents, understand them, and extract data from them. With Vega in the picture, Affinda was born.

Today, Affinda offers a wide range of document processing options, helping industries such as recruitment, finance, and many more reach their potential.

The story doesn't end here.

We are only starting. Our team constantly tries to find new ways to apply AI to make different document processing tasks easier, faster, and more accurate. Book some time with our team of experts and tell us the story of your business. We'll work with you to implement AI into your process right where you need it.