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The world’s most accurate AI data extraction for accounts payable.

Invoice Extractor

Easily extract data from even the most complex invoices. Quickly and successfully process batch of invoices in PDFs, DOC, PNG, and JPG. Affinda Invoice Extractor recognises 50+ fields on the first go – and it only gets better from there.

Receipt Extractor

Extract data from your receipts swiftly and with precision. Make reimbursement and expense tracking easy. Utilise an AI receipt scanning that understands formatting and layouts it has never been exposed to before.

Custom Documents

Our team of skilled AI experts thrives on challenges. Feel free to send your unique document processing requirements our way and we can design a custom‑made solution for you.

What makes Affinda Accounts Payable AI your best choice?


Out of the box accuracy of over 90%.

Save time

Extracting information with Affinda’s intuitive UI saves customers 5 minutes on average.


Our models start out strong and keep learning with your use.

Table Extraction

Extract key information from even the most unstructured of line item tables.

Highly Configurable

Configure the solution to fit your AP process by implementing custom business rules, updating field settings or even whitelisting the solution.


Information security is at our core and we are ISO27001 certified.

Who should try Affinda’s Accounts Payable AI?

Automation Software

Improve your product with minimum of work. Embed the validation interface within your platform to boost its data extraction abilities and add more value for your customers.

Accounts Payable Teams

Take painful manual data entry tasks out of your processes. Get AI to extract the key information from invoices and push it directly into your accounting platform for payment. All that in seconds.

The entire data extraction process takes only a few steps:

The data extraction process.

Integrations: all you need to do is upload the documents.

Affinda Accounts Payable AI integrates perfectly with most of the tools you usually use. Avoid unnecessary uploads and downloads from one platform to another. Streamline the process and save hours.

Step #1

Upload documents via email or from your document management system.

Step #2

Extracted data posted directly to your accounting platform for payment.

Affinda API integrations.

Case Studies

Real stories from clients we’ve helped with Affinda AI document automation.

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“Affinda’s team responded quickly to any inquiries, while their API was straightforward and well documented, working faster and more reliably than competing solutions available on the market. This made Affinda an easy choice”

Samar Basnet

Co-Founder | Aqore

Affinda security

We spend all day thinking about security so you don’t have to.

We know it’s not easy to navigate the complex world of information security, but we understand it’s importance. We have invested heavily in security across multiple fronts to enable continuous monitoring and improvement of security practices. Our practices are ISO 27001 certified so you can be confident your data is safe.

Get the Accounts Payable automation solution your AP team will love you for.

Streamline your accounts payable processes by introducing AI to automate repetitive tasks. Get AI to do the data extraction and let your expert AP team work with structured data.