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How to use receipt scanning AI for your business.

Accounts Payable Teams utilise our receipt scanning AI for B2C and B2B receipts, optimising their cost reconciliation and inventory tracking process.
ERP platforms embed our receipt extractor via API to create a seamless expense management experience for their users.
Human Resources Teams use our receipt extractor for B2C receipt data extraction, automating their employee reimbursements.

Here’s how VEGA saves your business hours on receipt data extraction every week.

VEGA is our cutting-edge AI engine that powers all Affinda's document processing solutions making them the best on the market.

Receipt extraction example.
20+ Fields for receipt processing
Our receipt scanning AI efficiently extracts dozens of fields from each receipt and then organises them into structured data. It even works with PDF, JPG, or PNG formats.
Receipt extraction in 56 languages
Don't limit your receipt processing automation to English. Affinda's receipt extractor works across all common languages.
VEGA learns with every receipt
Our receipt extractor can learn from any correction you make, meaning it can be trained to work even better for your specific use case
Receipt processing API
You can process your receipts in bulk with a single API call. It's easy to set up and even easier to use.
Different receipt formats accepted
Your AI receipt extractor will recognise new receipt formats even if it hasn't been exposed to them before.

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Receipt processing is just the beginning.

Processing receipts automatically gives your Accounts Payable Teams hours of their time back. Receipts are not all you can automate. Check what other document processing solutions you can leverage to your advantage.

Invoice Extractor processing.

Use our Invoice Extractor and save up to 5 minutes per invoice processing.

Custom documents processing.

Our team of skilled AI experts thrives on challenges. Feel free to send your unique document processing requirements our way and we may iron out a custom‑made solution for you.

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