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What Can an AI Based Receipt Scanning Software Do for Your Business

Accounts Payable Teams utilise our receipt scanning software for B2C & B2B receipts, optimising their cost reconciliation and inventory tracking process.
ERP platforms embed our receipt OCR API to create a seamless expense management experience for their users.
Human Resources Teams use our receipt OCR for B2C receipt data extraction, automating their employee reimbursements.

Accounts Payable AI Suite

Explore the Accounts Payable AI suite and discover how to automate the legwork and free your team to do the real work.

How to Use VEGA to Save Hours on Receipt Data Extraction

Step 1: Upload Receipt

VEGA recognises your document type acting as receipt scanning software. Receipt OCR will map the fields in your document and extract your receipt data in seconds.

Vega extracts receipt data ad recognises fields
receipt extractor accurately recognises amounts on the receipt

Step 2: Review Your Result

Check the receipt data processing results and highlight possible missed fields. VEGA is among the most accurate receipt OCR engines in the world but not flawless. It will learn from your fixes and get exponentially better in time.

Step 3: VEGA Improves with Every Receipt

Whenever you use VEGA as a receipt scanning software and highlight fields it missed, you are training it to be a better receipt OCR for your specific use case.

Vega regonises different receipt fields

Step 4: Quick Export

Export the results of your receipt data extraction with a single click. The data can be exported and pushed forward in your accounts payable workflow using our receipt OCR API technology.

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Whether you’re a finance director, an accounts payable specialist, or an HR team lead, you need a superb receipt OCR software to truly automate

Why Choose Affinda’s Receipt Scanning Software?

Learn to Use
in 30 Minutes
No special training. No courses. No particular tech background needed. Every team member will be ready to use it in half an hour or less.
Various file types
Our receipt OCR works seamlessly with PDFs, Word Docs, PNG and JPG images, and Excel spreadsheets
Privacy & Security
Affinda safekeeps all extracted receipt data on a secure server, keeping in full compliance with international guidelines.
Customisable for You
Feel like your particular use case is different than the rest? Contact us! We can work together to customize our receipt OCR API for your needs.
Bulk Receipt API
Just a single receipt OCR API call is all you need to start the process of automated extraction from entire batches of receipts.
Fair Pricing
Our receipt scanning software offers same or better results as our competitors. Smaller price tag. Isn't that worth testing?
We'll never leave you hanging or be non-responsive to your queries. We want this to work for you, as much as you do.
Teachable Al
VEGA uses machine learning algorithm that's trainable. It learns from its mistakes and its receipt OCR can recognize many different receipt fields from the start.
Adaptive Recognition
No more manually adapting to every new receipt format. Our receipt scanning software understands even the formats it has never seen before and adjusts accordingly.

VEGA is the AI Engine Behind Affinda’s Receipt OCR

Blow the minds of your users by installing our tech under the hood

Natural language processing

Computer vision

Deep learning

VEGA logo

Our Receipt OCR API Offers Data Extraction in 56 Languages


We greatly appreciate the ease of use and accessibility that Affinda offers. With well structured API documentation and a 'try before you commit' model, Affinda has made it a smooth journey for us to discover various use cases.

Hayley B.
Verified Review
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Over 20 Fields Available for Receipt Processing

Our receipt scanning software efficiently extracts dozens of fields from each receipt and then organises them into searchable file formats. It even works with PDF, JPG, or PNG formats.
Company name
Amount total
Amount tax
Item description
Item amount

Excellent tech backed by quality service. Don't hesitate to ask for what you need or help with custom solutions - the Affinda team is very skilled and responsive.

Ryan P.
Verified Review

We understand your process

Working closely with HR and AP departments that deal with both B2B and B2C receipts, we have developed a receipt scanning software that genuinely helps you be more efficient.

There is practically no learning curve in using Affinda's receipt OCR, so your team can adapt in no time.

Approved by HR Teams

Approved by Account Payable Specialists

Approved by Finance Departments

enterprise experience

Our receipt OCR improves reimbursements and expanse tracking

Fast and accurate receipt processing by a powerful AI receipt scanner makes your HR and AP Departments more efficient.

Read through B2C receipts from employees and stay on top of reimbursements

Study B2B and B2C receipt data to easily reconcile costs, track inventory, and improve stock management.

We are a unique case.
Will your receipt OCR API work for us?

Since launching the Finance AI suite, we have:

Collaborated with development teams of different companies to fit our tools into custom CRMs

Worked closely with account payable professionals in a wide range of industries

Worked with foreign languages (including Irish Gaelic!)

And more

unique cases

Frequently asked questions:

What is receipt parsing?

It is, in essence, reading and extracting information from a receipt. This information can include the name of the vendor's business, the total amount, the date of receipt, the total amount of tax paid, the item descriptions, and many more field types. AI can be used for such purposes because it helps not just extract, but also create structure within the extracted data.

What is the cost of Affinda's professional receipt extraction software?

It all depends on the integrations you choose and the volume of receipts you process each month. Our sales team can give you more information about this. Contact them and find out.

How can I trial the receipt parsing solution for free?

While there is a free receipt parser on our website, the functionalities it offers are far from the full range of features we offer. You can go for a free trial of our receipt parsing app. Sign up for a free trial here.

Can I review and make changes to the results of receipt parsing?

Of course! You get a Viewer tool with your pro receipt extraction package. Before you export your parsed receipts, you can go through the parsing results and confirm the data that AI extracted. Not only will you get better data, but you’ll train your AI receipt OCR to do better next time.

Does Affinda receipt extraction API integrate with other software? Which?

For the time being, you can integrate your receipt OCR with Zapier, Xero, and QuickBooks, or you can contact us and we can work with you to ensure our solution integrates with your favourite platform. We’re always working on more integration options, so stay tuned.

Can I parse receipts in languages other than English? Which ones?

Our enterprise-level API works with more than 13 languages. The free version, though, only works in English. If you’d like us to add other languages to our API, contact our sales team to discuss more.

What is the best receipt OCR software?

Affinda's receipt scanning software consistently performs with higher accuracy when compared with competitors.

Are my sensitive documents secure with you?

Security and privacy are our priorities. We stay on top of all the data protection regulations. All the data processed our receipt extractor and other tools is encrypted and stored securely. Discover more details.

Which file formats can Affinda’s receipt extraction software parse?

You can parse receipts that are in text file formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT) or image formats (JPG and PNG) for free. The pro version that offers API can also process XLS and XID.

Can I license Affinda's receipt OCR for my own platform?

We made this receipt OCR to be quick, smart, and flexible. It is most likely that we can make it work with your platform seamlessly. Contact us to discuss licensing details.

I have scans of my receipts. Can you extract data from that?

Yes. That's the beauty of it! Affinda’s AI engine VEGA has embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR). That means it can read scanned images, understand them, and extract data. In other words, no more manual data extraction.

How many receipts can I upload at once?

You can upload receipts one at a time, or in bulk. There is no limit on the number of receipts that you upload. Our solution will simply process the receipts one at a time in a series using a first-in-first-out approach. Therefore, the last receipt to be uploaded will take a longer time to be processed.

Can you scan receipts into excel?

Yes. You can scan your receipts and upload your JPG or PNG files (also PDF, DOC, DOCX, or ODT) and export them into JSON, XML and XLS.

How to get total amount from receipt via OCR software?

Simply upload your receipts in any common image or text format (such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, PNG, or JPG). Once parsing is complete, you'll receive a CSV file with the extracted text fields, including the total amount, ready to be imported into your accounting software.

Teams getting their productivity back

Jon S
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Good flexibility; we have some unique requirements and they were able to work with us on that.

Haley B
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It was very easy to embed the CV parser in our existing systems and processes. Clear and transparent API documentation for our development team to take forward.

James E
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The team at Affinda is very easy to work with. They are a great partner to work with, and I foresee more business opportunity in the future.

Rebecca N
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We evaluated four competing solutions, and after the evaluation we found that Affinda scored best on quality, service and price.

James M
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The team at Affinda is very easy to work with. They are a great partner to work with, and I foresee more business opportunity in the future.

Scott S
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Very satisfied and will absolutely be using Resume Redactor for future rounds of hiring. The output is very intuitive and helps keep the team organized.

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Whether you’re a finance director, an accounts payable specialist, or an IT consultant, our deep learning powered software can dramatically boost your receipt processing.