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Use AI to extract the data from your driver's licenses and deliver it exactly where you need it in your workflow.

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How to use AI for more accurate driver's license data extraction.

Drivers License example.
Works with scanned docs
Even if you're not working with the original document, but a scan - AI can do it. It works with PNG, JPG, and PDF.
Speed up the extraction process
Higher processing speed and higher accuracy. You can expect to save 3 minutes per every driver's license processed.
Improved accuracy
AI brings your document processing accuracy to a new level. Let your staff work on more meaningful tasks and let AI extract the data.

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Driver's license verification and more.

There's an entire Compliance suite of AI solutions that you can use. Use more of Affinda’s plug-and-play solutions to automate more of your processes.

Ensures precise data extraction from birth certificates to reduce time spent processing.

Seamlessly and accurately extract data from passports of different countries.

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