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What is an Affidavit OCR Data Extractor?

An Affidavit OCR Data Extractor is an advanced tool that leverages the power of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automate the process of data extraction from Affidavits. OCR technology reads and interprets printed characters on a document. Like a digital scanner on steroids, this technology can read, break down and understand printed text, numbers and even handwriting, turning unstructured data into structured, usable information. Typically, the industry that regularly engages with such technology is the legal sector. Law firms and legal professionals deal with a plethora of Affidavits on a daily basis. The extraction of data from these documents can be a tedious, time-consuming task when done manually. However, an AI-powered OCR data extractor simplifies this process exponentially. This advanced OCR data extractor can read and extract data from an affidavit efficiently, reducing operational time and the risk of human errors.

The Affidavit OCR Data Extractor is an innovative technology that offers immense benefits. It promotes efficiency, accuracy, and speed, significantly reducing the human workload. The application of an OCR data extractor, particularly in the affidavit extraction process, ensures that no data is overlooked and all relevant information is curated comprehensively. Additionally, with this process being automated, it allows legal professionals to devote their precious time to other critical tasks, enhancing productivity and effectiveness on the whole. Firms using the Affidavit OCR can witness a dramatic increase in operational efficiency and a decrease in resource expenditures, thus experiencing significant cost savings. Lastly, given its AI-powered nature, the more the OCR data extractor is used, the better it gets at identifying, analysing, and extracting data, making the process increasingly seamless over time.

Automatically process your Affidavits in four simple steps.

Step 1

Upload your documents to Affinda directly to our app, or by integrating with email or document management platforms

Step 2
Our OCR Affidavit extractor will automatically scan, extract, label and categorise the data on the Affidavits in seconds
Step 3
Export the data in a structured and usable format. Integrate our Affidavit parser with any downstream system or platform to use your data where you need it most
Step 4

Need an AI data extractor customised to your specific business needs? Our expert team can build a model tailored to your business workflows that integrates seamlessly with existing processes.

Extract data from dozens of fields.

Our AI Affidavit OCR solution automatically extracts data from over 20+ fields.

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Title
  • Date of Affidavit
  • Affiant Name
  • Affiant Address
  • Affiant Contact Information (Phone, Email)
  • Affiant's Relationship to the Matter
  • Sworn Statement or Deposition
  • Facts or Events Being Affirmed
  • Date of Occurrence
  • Location of Occurrence
  • Witnesses
  • Notary Public Name
  • Notary Public Commission Number
  • Notary Public Jurisdiction
  • Jurat or Sworn Oath
  • Affiant's Signature
  • Notary Public's Signature

Don’t see the fields you need above?

Affinda makes it easy to add custom fields according to your bespoke requirements.
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Superior accuracy

Over 20+ fields extracted

Supports multiple file formats: PDF, JPG, PNG

Highly flexible and customisable

Supports over 56 languages

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Self-learning models improve over time

Seamless upstream and downstream integration

Advanced Affidavit Parsing and Automated Data Extraction With OCR | Affinda

Businesses around the world use our Affidavit OCR Extractor in different industries and use cases.

Legal professionals use our Affidavit OCR data extractor to easily extract and assess information from affidavits. This aids in preparing for cases more efficiently and results in increased productivity and effectiveness in handling legal matters.

Law enforcement agencies utilise our Affidavit AI-powered OCR technology to digitise affidavits more quickly and accurately for investigative purposes, ensuring streamlined information management, and achieving greater transparency and efficiency.

Public and private notaries use our Affidavit OCR data extractor to aid their document certification tasks. The automated data extraction helps bring down the time spent in handling documents, allowing them to better serve their clients by providing quicker and more efficient services.

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