Quarterly Update for Q3 2024: What’s New at Affinda?

With Affinda's devoted team, new things keep coming your way regularly. Check out what products and features we've added lately.
April 13, 2023
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Affinda brings you the best AI solutions
Affinda brings you the best AI solutions

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At Affinda, we try to be as transparent as possible, so you can see everything that is concerning you and your company. From product updates to company-wide changes, we will keep you in the loop with our quarterly updates. Here’s what we have been cooking in the last three months.

Launching New Products  

One of the major things we have been working on are new products: Receipt Extractor and Credit Note Extractor in our Accounts Payable AI suite, as well as the ID extraction tools for IDs, passports, driving licences, and birth certificates.

The Receipt Extractor uses the same principle as our Invoice Extractor, but it is specially adjusted for B2B and B2C receipts.

Receipt extractor recognises relevant fields

It’s the same for the Credit Note Extractor – this software has all the functionalities you’re used to having, only specialized for credit notes. You can use these tools together with the Invoice Extractor, or on their own.

As for the four new tools in the ID extraction suite, they let you use the power of OCR with API integration. Using our tried-and-true VEGA engine, you can extract information from various identification documents and verify them automatically. Besides passports, driving licenses, and birth certificates, we also have a solution for your specific needs, such as ID cards from various countries, bank cards, residence permits, utility bills, and more documents that you need to verify.

EU-based Server Added

With the new server, Affinda’s Europe-based customers no longer need to store their data outside of Europe. As our business is expanding, we are doing everything we can to keep up with the markets’ demands. We know how important it is for your business to work inside all the relevant regulations, and using this EU server will help satisfy the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) requirements about storing data of EU citizens within the EU region. In addition to GDPR compliance, other benefits that EU-based companies will now enjoy are reduced latency and improved data transfer speeds since their data will be stored closer to their location.

If you are based in Europe and would like to transfer your data to the EU server, all you need to do is contact out sales team and we will do the rest.

Improved Affinda Web App

Constant improvement is how you stay at the top. We are always on the lookout for your feedback, in order to see what else we can do to adjust our service to your needs. That is why we decided to upgrade Affinda web app with brand-new features and new, more intuitive interface.

One of the new things you can do within the web app is add multiple users to one organization account. That way, you don’t need to share the login details with everyone who needs to access to app. In addition, it is now possible to organize documents into Workspaces and Collections within one organization account. This allows you to track your workflows and better organize work between different teams and job titles. And since you can add multiple users, you can also restrict access to certain Collections and Workspaces for some of them.

The more advanced document classification model is another addition to our web app. It can now determine the type of document that is uploaded and forward it accordingly – either send it to the correct AI model or reject it if the document type doesn’t match any of the models.

Other changes include the possibility to change field names, mandatory fields, and auto-validation thresholds at field levels.

New Function – Direct Email Upload

Thanks to this new function, it is no longer necessary to set up an API integration in order to automatically send documents from email to Affinda tools. This is a great way to save time and resources need for setting up the integration, and still have the data extraction process go seamlessly.

Here’s how it works. All you need to do is attach the documents you want processed to an email and send it to a specified email address that we provide. Every Workspace and Collection will have a separate email address, so you will be able to send documents to the exact location you want them.  You can find those addresses in the Settings panel of all Workspaces and Collections.

Upload via email

After you send a document, our system will automatically extract the attachments. Then, it will process them using the appropriate AI model.

Our hard-working teams are always looking for ways to improve our products and services and bring you the best of artificial intelligence that we have to offer, so stay tuned.

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