Quarterly Update Q1 2024: What's New at Affinda?

Here's a glimpse of the changes we made over the past 3 months. Some of them are all about new functionalities and improved features, while others concern your credit use and integration capabilities.
October 29, 2023
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Affinda's Quarterly Update for Q1 FY2024
Affinda's Quarterly Update for Q1 FY2024

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We made some exciting updates during the previous quarter. Some of them are all about new functionalities and improved features, while others concern your credit use and integration capabilities. Here's a glimpse of what we've been working on over the past three months.

Automated Document Splitting

This time-saving option makes all the difference in situations when you have several documents in one PDF. This happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, your suppliers simply send you all their invoices in a single PDF, or you are scanning multiple invoices, and its easer to add all those scans into one PDF document.
Now, you can skip splitting those documents into individual files before parsing them. Our automated document splitter does that for you, and then parses them at the same time.

Learn how to enable automated document splitting

Better Insight into Credit Usage via API

Partners and resellers now can access detailed credit usage data for specific Workspaces or Collections. We made two new API endpoints to make this happen. To make it work, you need to specify the Workspace or Collection for which you want to retrieve usage data, along with the date range in the format of YYYY-MM. As a result, you’ll get the number of credits used for that Collection or Workspace within that marked period. Keep in mind that this is available for credits tracked from 27th July onward.

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Learn from Reviewed Documents

You know have the "Learn from Reviewed Documents" toggle. Users can now decide whether documents confirmed in a specific Collection should be included in the training queue for the relevant Extractor. This gives users greater control over the training data and helps avoid model regression. You don’t have to wait on us to make these changes in the backend for you, since you’ll have the control over which documents are used to train a model.

Discover what else comes with this improvement and how to access it

'Magic' Line Item Table Improvements

It is now much easier to capture data from semi-structured and nested tables. This is what you get with the new improvements:

1. You’ll validate your data row-by-row, so you avoid errors and gain more control over your data accuracy.
2. Magic Fill is now applied only to rows below your current selection, so there are no accidental changes, and your data stability it much better.
3. You can now toggle 'Magic Fill' on and off, so you can decide whether you want to automate data extraction or do it manually.
4. Table output grid from the bottom is now hidden by default, giving you more free screen space to work with.

Webhooks at Workspace Level

Besides the webhooks at an Organization level, you can use them on the Workplace Level, also. This means that you can now assign different Workplaces to different end users, workflows, or document types.

Learn more about what it means for you.

These are not all the updates we created throughout this financial year. Take a look at:

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