Quarterly Update for Q4 2024: What's New at Affinda?

At Affinda, we are constantly improving our products and business and we want to you to know about all important changes. So, here's a brief report of all updates from last quarter.
July 12, 2023
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See what's new in Affinda
See what's new in Affinda

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We are halfway into 2023 and are very proud of our hard-working teams. To show you all the wonderful things we have achieved during the previous quarter, we have prepared this report on Affinda’s activities in the past three months.

New API Version for Resume and Job Description Solutions

A new and updated version of our API is out. API v3 provides a better user experience than API v2, with the reported compatibility issues resolved and new updating options added. Key changes include:  

  • Resume Data Updates – All changes and edits of information made by recruiters or candidates in your platform will automatically update the resume data in Affinda’s system. These changes also affect the Search & Match tool.  

  • Job Description Updates – You can update job description details to improve the search experience. You can update the details to include qualifications and responsibilities, among other things.  

  • Custom Field Support – It’s possible to add and update custom fields within the interface. With this, you can customize the interface to fit your specific needs.  

  • Improved Compatibility – The issues with compatibility that the previous version of API had are now all resolved. This enhances the user experience and lets you use our API without obstacles.  

To update resume or job description details, use Update a Document endpoint.

Affinda Is ISO Certified

As protecting your data is of utmost importance to us, we are proud to say that Affinda is now ISO 27001:2013 compliant. Affinda and its subsidiaries have been formally certified as having achieved ISO 27001 compliance.  

ISO 27001 is the standard for information security management systems (ISMS), and it defines the requirements that ISMS needs to meet to be considered secure. And Affinda meets them all.  

You can download and read the compliance verification here.

OpenAI Integration & Consent

To make your experience as seamless as possible, Affinda has integrated with OpenAI's GPT family of large language models. This will improve and simplify how you create new models and add new fields to existing models. You can benefit from this integration with any of our custom extraction models, e.g., for data extraction from invoices, resumes, IDs, job descriptions, etc.  

Thanks to the integration, Affinda can now offer you “one-shot learning.” That shortens the learning time of our tool, as you only need to provide one annotated example document. That is enough for the models to start making accurate predictions on subsequent documents, which means you can use it right away.  

The models get even better with more practice, and their performance improves over time. Eventually, you will transition from OpenAI-generated predictions to Affinda's standard model framework. By then, Affinda’s model will have seen enough documents, and since it constantly learns from more data and can give more precise results, you will continue getting better results.  

As for your data, you needn’t worry. No data is shared with OpenAI when using our standard off-the-shelf models (even if you consented). We also respect if you want to opt out of using the OpenAI integration. You can do that when creating a new Collection or at any time through the Collection Settings page, and Affinda will not send any documents to OpenAI. This will not restrict the creation of custom extractors or fields. Still, it will require more manual input as you must initially label around 50 documents before Affinda’s model can make predictions accurately.

Read more here

Bullhorn Integration

Bullhorn, the well-known recruitment software, now integrates with Affinda’s powerful AI engine. Your recruitment team can now stay within the familiar Bullhorn interface and utilize Affinda’s technology for even better results.  

You can access our resume parsing, job description parsing, and search solutions directly through the Bullhorn platform. Data extraction will be much faster and allow you to make quicker and more accurate candidate and job matches. When you receive CVs, they will be automatically parsed, and the processed data will appear in your Bullhorn platform.  

To get more details about the possibilities that open with this connection, check out this integration demo.

Better Security with API Key Encryption and Rotation

With our new encryption procedure, your data is even more secure. By encrypting the API key within the Affinda app, we have provided an additional layer of security.  

This change affects the access to API keys – you can only see them in the Affinda app once you create them. After that, you must copy and save them within your own environment.  

Additionally, you will have even more security with the key rotation. You can generate a maximum of 3 API keys which you can rotate without disrupting other processes. Each of the keys can have its own name, and there is also an option to set an expiration date.  

Remember that, if you haven’t stored your current API key outside of the app, you will need to generate a new one and store it somewhere safe, as you will no longer see the old one in the app. If you already have it stored, then there is no need to perform any additional action.

Requesting a Tailored Model from Within the App

If you need a custom model, you can now request it directly from within the Affinda app. Personalized models for document processing provide better accuracy, as they are tailored to the specific documents you work with.  

Invoice extraction is where this feature is of the greatest use. However, you can also request custom models for other types of documents.  

Requesting a tailored model is a simple process. You just need to go to the app's Collection settings or field layout configuration interfaces and submit your request. Then, Affinda’s customer support team makes all the necessary configurations to ensure the model works accurately and efficiently on your specific documents.

Enhanced Field Configuration Interface

Another change that gives you greater control and flexibility is the improvement of the Field Configuration Interface within the Affinda app. There are a few new customization options that will let you manage the fields in our platform in a more efficient way.  

Reordering and Grouping Fields feature lets you change the arrangement of fields in a way that is the most practical for you.  

Editing Field Configuration is now possible within the Validation Interface, so you can optimize your workflow by customizing the fields directly in that interface.  

The Enhanced Collection Settings Page lets you easily configure fields through the integrated Collection settings page.  

You can also Create Custom Fields and tailor them to your needs by setting the type and label and specifying whether multiple annotations are allowed in a document.

Custom Fields in the Candidate Search Interface

Affinda’s candidate search interface has a new feature – custom fields that give the end user much more control and a better experience. Custom fields will allow the user to search the applicant database in the same way they would with the standard search fields.  

The only difference will be in the results, which will be more precise and accurate. The flexibility these custom fields provide allows the user to look for candidates based on a wider range of information, ultimately leading to better matches.

When using the custom fields, the user can choose from a few types: text, Boolean, number, and date. If you need more information about this or other features, you can see Customising and Embedding the Search UI page.

Validation Tool Theme Editor

We know how important colours are for any brand, and this new feature will let you match your branding with the Affinda app. This theme editor allows for easier integration of our validation tool into your own or your client’s platform, and the colour customization is also good for white-label solutions.  

Theme customization options include colour and border radius adjustments for both light and dark modes. This way, the validation tool can fit into any design scheme. The theme is not the only thing that can be adjusted – you can also customize fonts and actions.  

One thing to note is that customization options are only available when you use the validation tool in the embedded mode.

Resume Parser Viewable in the Validation Interface

You can now view the Resumes in the Affinda Validation Interfaces. That means relevant information extracted from the resumes will be displayed directly in the validation interface. With this new feature, you can analyze parsed data in a simpler way and without manual cross-referencing.  

Extracted data that is visible in this interface includes the most important details, such as personal information, work experience, education, skills, and contact information. Still, this visualization excludes additional data from the resumes, such as occupation classification, management level, and skill taxonomies. It also doesn’t show things like certifications, publications, and referees.

We’ve had a lot of improvements this quarter, but that doesn’t mean we will stop working on our technology. Our goal is to improve your experience, so there will be many more advancements in the future.

Read the report from previous quarter here: Quarterly update for Q3 2024.

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