Free Online Resume Screening Software

Free online resume screening software does exist and gives you a no-commitment way to test the hiring software and see if it is a good fit for your use case.
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Free online resume screening software is worth being happy about.
Free online resume screening software is worth being happy about.

Are you ready to leap into the future of recruitment and make the hiring process significantly easier for your team? Then you need to start using online resume screening software. You’ll be pleased to know that there are some free options out there so that you can try before you buy.

What Is Resume Screening Software, And What Can It Do?

Resume screening software is a product that many organisations use to gain extracted data from candidates’ CVs. Integrate it with your applicant tracking system, and when you receive a job application, this data will be pulled through to populate candidate profiles.

Then, hiring managers and recruiters can search by keyword for traits they are looking for in order to find the candidate who most closely matches the job description.

Online resume screening software can make the hiring process, faster, cheaper, and easier to manage for HR teams and recruiters.

How Does Resume Screening Software Work?

There are two main types of resume screening software:

  • Machine learning led
  • Template-based

Machine learning led online resume screening software uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect various fields often contained on a CV, such as skills, experience, and job titles. Machine learning algorithms help the model adapt to new types of resume formats so that it can read any kind of CV, even those with more creative formatting.

Template-based software works by attempting to match incoming CVs against its resume templates. This is not always as accurate as screening software that uses machine learning; it’s far more limited, as it can only match resumes against the templates it has. If there is no template that matches an incoming CV, the tool can’t read it or extract the data.

What Is The Best Free Online Resume Screening Software?

The best type of free online resume screening software is one that allows hiring managers to search for job seekers by keyword to find the most suitable candidates for a given position. Affinda offers the ideal solution in our Search and Match product.

Our resume matcher integrates with applicant tracking software to make finding the right employee even easier. It uses machine learning to extract data so that even applications without an ATS friendly resume can be accurately scanned. It has the ability to integrate with almost any ATS system, thanks to the ATS resume matching API. This resume matcher uses REST API and creates a JSON output, which is accepted by nearly any ATS system, so you shouldn’t have any trouble using it with your existing software.

This product is used by job boards, recruiters, and internal HR departments across the country. At the time of writing, our resume matchers is consistently getting 4.9/5 stars or more on various review sites. Try our product for yourself to see if you think that it can help streamline recruitment processes for your organisation.

How To Use Affinda’s Free Online Resume Screening Software

At Affinda, we aim to make integration easy. Here’s how you can integrate our REST API with your ATS software:

  1. Get your developer to add our resume search interface to your ATS or job board.
  2. Ask candidates to upload their resumes when they apply for roles.
  3. Start processing applications with ease and find the right candidates for your positions faster than ever before.

Want to know more about how it all works? Contact our fantastic team today. We have an exceptional customer service team who are well-versed in everything to do with resume parsing and matching. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about using our free online resume screening software.

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