The Best Resume Matcher for Staffing Services

A resume matcher is a key tool for staffing services. Automated resume matching can eliminate backlogs, decrease frustration, and enable you to hone in on the best candidate every time.
April 23, 2022
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The Best Resume Matcher for Staffing Services
The Best Resume Matcher for Staffing Services

High volume hiring also means periods of high pressure for the team at your staffing services company. As the influx of resumes that you so badly need floods in, your employees will be overwhelmed by sorting through them all. Figuring out which candidates are qualified and which are not is a mammoth task. This is the problem that we built Affinda’s resume matcher to solve.

Challenges Staffing Services Experience & How A Resume Matcher Solves These

Lack of Quality Candidates

It can be difficult to find enough suitable candidates to match the particular job postings you have. A resume matcher can solve this issue by allowing you to more thoroughly and accurately extract a candidate’s career history and transferable skills. This lessens the chance of you overlooking someone who may have been an ideal candidate.

Using a resume matcher also allows you to keep an organized database of all the applicants who have applied with your staffing services at any point in the past. This gives you a much larger candidate pool than if you can only draw from candidates who have applied to a specific role. With a resume matcher, you can match the perfect candidate to their ideal role, no matter what they originally applied for.

Less than Optimal Candidate Experience

As you know, candidates who perfectly match the job description are tough to find. Many applicant tracking systems work by asking candidates to upload a CV and then asking them to enter the exact same information again. This can cause frustrated applicants to quit the process right then and there. Don’t let any qualified applicants fall through your fingers by drawing out the application process.

Adding a resume matcher into your ATS means that all you need to ask candidates to do is upload their CV, and the technology does the rest. In this way, you can dramatically improve the candidate experience; resume parsing enables you to ask candidates for information just once and speed up the time to hire as well.

Time Spent Finding Information

The best part of using a resume matcher when you work in staffing services? The ability to search a job seeker’s profile by keyword to find the exact information you’re looking for. This takes so much less time than manually reading through each CV to locate the details you require.

Search by various categories, such as soft skills, specific job titles, past employers, and more. The skills matcher makes it simple to find information when a hiring manager asks you for it.

Which Is The Best Resume Matcher For Staffing Services?

Affinda’s resume matcher uses cutting edge technology such as AI and deep learning models to present the best search and match functionality on the market for staffing services. Recruiters love using it because it’s so simple to use the keyword search functions to dive deep into candidates’ profiles and unearth relevant information.

This makes the decision of who to put forward for a job interview so much easier, as you can clearly see who has the most experience and transferable skills for a role.

We offer an API so that all you need to do is give your developer access to our client library, and they’ll be able to integrate the resume matcher with your ATS. From there, all you need to do is get applicants to upload their resumes, and you can begin using the search and match functionality!

Our best-in-class resume parser API has continually beat our competitors in terms of quality and accuracy. Accurate data extraction is crucial for your business, as you need to be able to rely on the data available to you. Use Affinda’s resume matcher to continue finding the very best candidates for your clients, but more easily and in less time than ever before.

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