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From OCR to AI: The Evolution of OCR Technology

For some, optical character recognition (OCR) was the way of the future, but how has OCR changed throughout history, and what does the future hold? Let us take you through the evolution of OCR technology and hear from one of our AI experts, Andrew Bird.

Understanding Transfer Learning: What Do Tennis Balls Teach AI About Ferrets?

6 min
Dive into the power of Transfer Learning in AI: A game-changer for efficient and adaptable machine learning across various fields.

A Deep Dive into Affinda Integrations Using Eden AI

2 min
Learn how to seamlessly integrate Affinda through Eden AI.

All You Need to Know About Machine Learning OCR

7 minutes
Digital transformation is key if you want to stay ahead of the competition, and machine learning OCR is an essential component of the process. What is machine learning OCR, and how does it work? Read on to find out!

How to Convert Handwriting to Text Accurately

6 minutes
Dealing with handwritten notes can be messy. Here's how to convert handwriting into text so you can organize that data as digital documents.

How to Convert PDF to Google Doc for Personal and Professional Use

7 minutes
Here is a list of common tools that can convert PDF to Google Docs, as well as a better way to do it - using document processing AI.

6 Top Open-Source OCR Tools: An Honest Review

6 minutes
When open source OCR tools appeared they were a game-changer for data analysis. But before you start using one, you should know their pros and cons.

10 Issues Machine Learning OCR Can Solve for Your Business

6 minutes
Errors in document processing are a pain point for many businesses. Thankfully, technological advances are now able to help with many of them. Here are some common issues machine learning and OCR can solve.

How to Convert Image to Text Using Python

9 minutes
Thanks to the power of AI and OCR you can extract text from various file formats. That process can be automatized even further using code. Let's learn how to convert image to text using python.

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