Introducing the NextGen Resume Parser: The Most Accurate Parser on the Planet

Meet the NextGen Resume Parser, the most accurate parser on the planet. Learn everything you need to know about its new features, benefits and more.
March 18, 2024
5 minutes
NextGen Resume Parser Launch Blog Cover Image
NextGen Resume Parser Launch Blog Cover Image

Affinda is very excited to announce early access to the new NextGen Resume Parser. Our dedication to offering the very best AI-powered document processing solutions to our customers has led us to develop this new resume parser, building upon our existing parser by improving accuracy, expanding features and increasing adaptability. So, what’s new, how does the NextGen Resume Parser benefit your business and how can you try it out for yourself? Read on to find out more.

New Features

Based on the feedback we’ve received from customers over the past few months, there are several new features that have been added to the NextGen Resume Parser to ensure we continue to meet our customer’s business requirements.

1. Unmatched Accuracy  

We put the NextGen Resume Parser to the test against some of the top global cloud-based CV parser providers and we left them in the dust. The NextGen Resume Parser is over 20% more accurate than the nearest competitor.  

The NextGen Resume Parser's accuracy, compared to others.

It also outperforms competitors in accuracy across key fields, by up to 40% and in more complex fields, like education accreditation information, by up to 50%.  

Where the NextGen Resume Parser performs best across key fields.

Key Benefits  

  1. Improved candidate experience: An accurate resume parser reduces the time candidates spend correcting their resume data when applying for roles. This streamlined process allows candidates to easily upload their resumes, have all fields pre-filled, and submit their applications within minutes. As a result, candidates have a more efficient and positive experience, leading to higher satisfaction levels and an increased likelihood of attracting top talent.
  1. Increased time savings for recruiters - By accurately parsing resume data, recruiters can avoid spending valuable time updating incorrect candidate information. This frees up their schedules to focus on more strategic tasks and helps avoid errors or inconsistencies in candidate profiles. With accurate data at their fingertips, recruiters can quickly identify and reach out to potential candidates, saving time and resources in the recruitment process.
  1. Better candidate matches – With more accurate resume data, recruiters can easily and quickly find the perfect match for a role. By accurately matching candidates based on their skills, experiences and other unique fields, recruiters can make more informed decisions and improve the overall quality of hires. This leads to better job placements, higher retention rates and increased overall success in talent acquisition.

Learn more about how Affinda’s NextGen Resume Parser compares to others available in the market on our website.

2. Extensive Data Coverage

Unlike other resume parsers available on the market, the NextGen Resume parser effortlessly extracts 100+ fields and supports over 56 languages.  

Example of NextGen Resume Parser's extensive data coverage.
Example of NextGen Resume Parser parsing an Arabic resume.
Example of NextGen Resume Parser parsing a Thai resume.

Key Benefits

  1. Comprehensive information retrieval: With greater data coverage, the NextGen Resume Parser can extract a wider variety of information from resumes, including unique fields such as certifications, projects and patents. This can provide a more comprehensive view of a candidate's qualifications.
  1. Improved accuracy in candidate evaluation: By supporting multiple languages, the NextGen Resume Parser can accurately capture and analyse information from resumes written in different languages. This ensures that recruiters have access to all relevant information when evaluating candidates, leading to more informed hiring decisions.
  1. Better candidate matching: By having access to a larger pool of data, a resume parser can more accurately match candidates to job descriptions and requirements, helping to identify the best-suited candidates for a particular role.

3. Superb Adaptability

The NextGen Resume Parser can handle unconventional resume formats and industry-specific jargon, easily adapting to any business or industry.  

Example of the NextGen Resume Parser adapting to industry.
Example of the NextGen Resume Parser's superior adaptability and customisation options.

Key Benefits

  1. Customisation options: The NextGen Resume Parser can be customised to meet your specific recruitment needs and requirements, allowing for a more tailored and efficient parsing process.
  1. Scalability: It can easily scale to process resumes from a variety of sources in different formats, making it suitable for organisations of all sizes and recruitment volumes.
  1. Integration with existing systems: A versatile resume parser like the NextGen Resume Parser can seamlessly integrate with existing recruitment systems and platforms, enhancing overall functionality and improving workflow efficiency.

Why Choose Affinda’s NextGen Resume Parser for My Business?

  • Maximise database potential: Leverage your existing database to efficiently identify and select highly qualified candidates for job opportunities, maximising the potential value of your recruitment efforts and streamlining the hiring process
  • Effortless scalability: Process a high volume of resumes every day? The NextGen Resume Parser scales with your business, easily handling large volumes of resumes
  • Enable data-driven decisions: Extract the most accurate data from resumes to make fast and highly informed decisions about candidates.
  • Simplify screening, shortlisting and placement tasks: Access a customisable solution that can understand the fields and data you need, streamlining basic recruitment tasks and resulting in a faster recruitment process.
  • Improve productivity: The NextGen Resume Parser automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing HR professionals to focus on more strategic activities, such as candidate engagement, talent development, and workforce planning.

How the NextGen Resume Parser Assists Your Candidates

  • Increase visibility: Candidates are more likely to be matched to relevant job opportunities based on their skills and experience, leading to increased visibility and consideration by hiring managers.
  • Enhance the candidate experience: Using the NextGen Resume Parser will streamline the recruitment process, providing candidates with a more efficient and seamless experience from application to selection.
  • Provide faster response times: With the efficiency of the NextGen Resume Parser, candidates can receive quicker responses on the status of their applications, leading to improved communication and engagement throughout the recruitment process.

I’m Ready. How Do I Test?

As with any new product launch, we’re aware that there may be some bugs and room for improvement. We welcome all and any valuable feedback during the early access period as it is crucial in helping us refine and enhance the functionality of the NextGen Resume Parser. Here's how to test the NextGen Resume Parser:

  1. Head over to our product page where you can test the NextGen Resume Parser for free with your own documents
  1. Create a free trial account to continue testing with 200 free credits
  1. Provide your feedback on the NextGen Resume Parser’s performance
  1. Schedule a demo with one of our sales team members to learn more about how the NextGen Resume Parser can help your business

NextGen Resume Parser FAQs  

Can I use the NextGen Resume Parser with Affinda‘s other Recruitment AI tools?

Yes, the NextGen Resume Parser is offered alongside our Resume Redactor, Job Description Parser and Candidate Search & Match tool to provide a comprehensive suite of recruitment AI products to streamline processes and increase workflow efficiency.  

What’s the difference between the NextGen Resume Parser and Affinda’s previous version?

Affinda’s NextGen Resume parser offers greater accuracy, more extensive data coverage, configurable taxonomies and more.  

How much does the NextGen Resume Parser cost?

There is no difference in cost compared to our previous version. Pricing starts at just 800 USD for 6,000 annual parses, once your free trial is over.

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