The Best Resume Scanner and Screening Tool for Job Boards

A good resume screening tool can revitalize your job board, enabling you to provide a streamlined, automated experience to both job seekers and recruitment offices.
April 6, 2022
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A resume screening tool enables you to harness AI to make your job board user friendly, powerful, and fast moving.
A resume screening tool enables you to harness AI to make your job board user friendly, powerful, and fast moving.

Job boards provide a very important service – helping businesses find the most qualified candidates for their available positions. However, without the use of stellar technology running in the background, this wouldn’t be possible. Every job board should be using resume screening tools to help employers filter through candidates and weed out those who are unsuitable for the position.

Resume screening tools can allow you to eliminate manual resume screening from the hiring process Instead, recruiters can search candidate CVs using keywords. For example, you could search by a past job title to find a qualified candidate who has the exact experience you’re looking for.

What To Look For In A Resume Scanning Tool For Job Boards

Advanced CV Parsing Technology

An advanced CV parser helps hiring managers to find quality candidates by accurately extracting resume data. Look for an automated resume scanner or screener that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the quality of search results over time. Use technology to accurately complete the candidate screening process without the time drain of poring over resumes.

Integration Options

The best parsing systems offer an API that makes it easy to integrate the tool with job boards and applicant tracking system (ATS) software. The benefit of integrating the two is that you’ll now be able to search within your job board or ATS software by filters such as work experience, skill sets, and more, to match applicants to the requirements in the job description.

AI Candidate Grading

Did you know that AI not only improves the accuracy of resume screeners, but can also offer you a score that displays the likelihood that a job applicant is a match for the job? That’s right, by using an AI-based resume matcher, you can get a score for each job seeker based on how well they match your job description. Let the resume scanning tool narrow down the search and help recruiters find the right candidate.

Access Your Talent Pool

Often, candidates will apply for a position they aren’t quite right for. By the time a suitable role comes up, recruiters can’t remember the previous job candidates they thought might be a good fit. Give them a helping hand with AI-based intelligent search suggestions to help them dive into the talent pool and discover previous applicants who could be ideal for the role in question.

Introducing The Best Resume Screening Tool For Job Boards

Affinda’s resume screening tool boasts all of the features listed above and so much more!

If you want to be the best job board on the market, you need to offer something that other job boards don’t. It’s a smart idea to use the most advanced technology available so that you can offer the best remote hiring service possible.

That’s why you need Affinda’s resume screening tool. You’ll be saving the companies who use your job board hours and hours of time spent reading through applications from unqualified candidates. Instead, their HR department can enjoy more time spent speaking with those who could be an excellent fit for the job. The more successful recruitment processes you facilitate for companies and recruiters, the more likely they are to use your job board long-term.

If you’re sick of overly complicated automated screening tools, you’ll love Affinda’s resume matcher. The user interface is intuitive enough for any of your users to open and use straight away.

Plus, using our resume parsing tool could also reduce your costs. Our unique pricing model means that you’ll pay competitive prices for a stunning level of screening accuracy.

Contact us today to find out more about how our AI tool can revolutionize your resume screening process!

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