A Guide to Automated Resume Parsing Software

Automated resume parsing software takes the grunt work out of recruiting, allow you to focus your time and resources on what you actually would like to be doing.
February 2, 2022
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A Guide to Automated Resume Parsing Software
A Guide to Automated Resume Parsing Software

If you’re a hiring manager or recruiter that struggles to read through the hundreds of resumes you receive for any given role, you need automated resume parsing software. Integrate resume parsing technology with your applicant tracking system (ATS) for a seamless automated workflow that reduces the time it takes to compare applicants and find qualified candidates.

What is Automated Resume Parsing Software?

Automated resume parsing software takes the relevant information from any CV and turns it into useful resume data. This data can be stored in a format that makes it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to read and compare applicants' skills and work experience.

Whenever someone applies to a position through your job board or recruiting software, CV parsing software can be set up to automatically parse the resume and populate a candidate database in your applicant tracking software. Easy access to this structured data will make your hiring process much more streamlined and efficient, allowing you to save both time and money.

How Automated Resume Parsing Software Works

Here are a few of the features that all the best resume parsing tools share:

Natural Language Processing

A good resume parser will analyse the words within a CV to understand the meaning behind them. One concept can be explained in many different ways, and natural language processing can unpack this to pick up the true semantics behind what an applicant has written.


You want your resume parser to not only be able to understand the text from digital documents such as PDFs or Word docs but also scanned paper documents. Optical character recognition, or OCR, is the technology that can make this happen. It is used to recognise text on a page, turning the information on scanned documents into text data that your computer can read.

Artificial Intelligence

Always choose a resume parser that uses artificial intelligence. This allows the parser to go beyond simple letter-match searches and ‘understand’ the actual meaning of the resume. With AI, a resume can extract accurate data and sort it into the relevant fields, such as education, skills, and work experience, even if the wording or format of the resume is nonstandard.  All good automated resume parsing software uses AI to ensure the accuracy of the output.

Image-Based Object Detection

As resumes can come in any format, there is no standard layout a parser can look for. That said, a visual understanding of the page flow will enable your software to perform parsing tasks more accurately than a simple reliance on written data. Image-based object detection enables your parser to figure out where the relevant information is on the page, identify the correct reading order, and segment the candidate data.

Automated Resume Parsing Software Uses

Candidate screening

Recruiters often use automated resume parsers to save time and improve hiring outcomes during the candidate screening process. This ensures that they only pass on the details of the candidates who most closely match the job description provided by the hiring company.

By sorting candidate information into relevant fields, recruiters can better compare candidates and determine who is most suited to the position. This smooths out the recruitment process and enables you to fill every job opening quickly.

Candidate Profiles

Job boards and recruitment sites need automated resume parsing software to process submitted CVs. You should expect to see a significant increase in users when you begin using a parser because you’re not asking candidates to fill out the information that is already in their resumes. Rather than spending hours filling out a form, applicants can just upload a CV and have their candidate profile automatically generated. This can help you to get more applications, widen your talent pool, and acquire higher-quality candidates.

Database Creation

If you’ve ever wished that you had a searchable database full of all the candidates who have ever applied with your firm, an automated resume parser can make that happen. It can provide all the required data, and your developer can integrate the parser with your database to pre-populate all entries. Affinda is one of the best automated resume parsing software options on the market today. As we are a newer company, we leverage the latest technological developments to more quickly and accurately parse resumes than many of our competitors. Contact us today to book a demo and see how this automated software could change the way you recruit.

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