How to Incorporate a CV Parser Tool into Your ATS

No ATS is fully functional without a CV parser, a software tool that transforms your database of unstructured resumes into structured data. Here's how to implement one.
January 25, 2022
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How to Incorporate a CV Parser Tool into your ATS
How to Incorporate a CV Parser Tool into your ATS

If you don’t already use a CV parser tool to sift through applications and access crucial resume data, it’s high time you got one. Resume parsing software saves recruiters hours spent manually reading through applications and comparing candidate information. Whether you’re in the recruitment industry or manage a job board, you’ll gain many benefits from using a parser during the hiring process.

The right CV parser tool will complete the data extraction process for you so you can see all information in an easy to compare format. All you need to do is first choose your resume parser, incorporate it into your applicant tracking system, and you’re good to go!

Choosing the Right CV Parser Tool

The first and most important step towards incorporating a CV parser tool in your ATS is to find the right software for your needs.


Not all parsers are created equal – you need to look for one with high levels of accuracy so that you can rely on the information you receive.

Find a parser that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, as this type evolves over time, continually improving as it parses more resumes. Cutting edge software powered by deep learning can significantly improve your hiring outcomes due to the increased accuracy rates.

Multiple Languages

If you have an international business or job board, you need to find a parsing tool that can work in many different languages. At the very least, most parsing tools should be able to parse in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and languages from any other countries you work in.

Customise Output to Reduce Bias

Biases based on age, gender, race, and many other factors can affect recruitment. You need a resume parser that allows you to customise the output to remove these personal details from the candidate screening process. This enables you to focus only on the important aspects of the applications – relevant information like experience, education, and skills.

The Affinda CV parser tool meets all of the above criteria, offering customisable and accurate parsing and information extraction in many different languages. Suitable for both global recruiting platforms and small businesses, Affinda's parser is infinitely scalable.

How to Incorporate Your CV Parser Tool into Your ATS

If you’ve chosen Affinda as your CV parsing software, your developer will be able to integrate this into your ATS with no trouble at all. Here’s what the procedure will look like:

Obtain an API key

The first step is to apply for a free API key so that you can try out the software risk-free. Book a demo of the parsing tool first, or just apply for the API key and get the process started.

Download and Install a Client Library:

The client library you choose is entirely up to you – here are your options:

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • .NET
  • Java (coming soon)

What Your CV Parser Tool Can Do

Once you’ve incorporated the tool into your ATS, here’s what you’ll be able to do:

Get a List of All Resumes

You’ll be able to access a complete list of all resumes in the system, with up to 300 per page.

Upload Resumes

Of course, you need to be able to upload the resumes you receive to gain structured data from them. The tool will allow you to parse not only the existing resumes in your system but also new ones coming in.

Parse Results for a Resume

Need the candidate data from just one resume to match their experience and skill to the job description? The CV parser tool can help you to do exactly that. See the person’s previous job titles, experience, education, personal details, referees, and more!

Delete a Resume

No longer need a particular CV in the system? You’ll also gain the ability to delete a resume so that it will no longer show up anywhere in your database.

Contact us today to book a demo of the Affinda CV parser tool. See the software in action and decide whether this tool is suitable for your business.

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