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A resume parser for recruiters can transform your work life and make data entry or sorting resumes a distant memory from your past. Here's how it works.
December 7, 2021
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Our resume parser for recruiters allows you to easily sort all your resume data with a few clicks.
Our resume parser for recruiters allows you to easily sort all your resume data with a few clicks.

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Every time applicants start flooding in for a newly advertised position, you know that you’ll have to set aside hours to spend reading applications. Surely there’s a better way to get the job done than sitting down to skim hundreds of resumes in one go!

Introducing Affinda– the best resume parser for recruiters. Whether you’re looking to fill internal positions or find the best candidates to keep your clients happy, Affinda can help. Keep reading to find out how Affinda resume parsing can change the way you recruit for the better.

Why Use a Resume Parser for Recruitment?

Save Time

The most time-consuming part of your job is likely to be thoroughly reading all of the CVs and cover letters that come in for your advertised positions. If you use an applicant tracking system (ATS) you may find yourself sitting for hours inputting resume data from the big stack of applications on your desk.  Imagine if you could just flick through a list of each applicant’s qualifications to weed out the unqualified candidates instead, then run some computer analytics to determine who best meets your specifications. That’s exactly what Affinda can set up for you!

By having everything categorised, you can efficiently sift through applications and quickly determine who is suitable for the job and who isn’t.

Find the Most Qualified Candidates

Having candidate details organised by a resume parser makes finding the most qualified candidates so much easier and ensures that fantastic candidates don’t slip through the cracks. Go back to your client with your recommendations, secure in the knowledge that you are presenting them with the best applicants you have.

Nail the brief every time by finding the best people for the job. Gain the trust of your hiring managers or clients and keep them coming back for more!

Efficient Use of Funds

Your company will need a solid business case for investing in a resume parser. Adding Affinda to your applicant tracking software is easily defensible as it is far cheaper than many of its competitors while providing more accurate parsing.

The time our parsing software saves in data entry alone makes it worth implementing. Once you count up the benefits you can see in happier clients and hiring managers, the ROI will be excellent.

Recruiting with Affinda

Parse Multiple Languages

Affinda is a must for international recruitment companies, as it can parse in 56 languages, and we’re working on more all the time. That means that your candidates can submit CVs in their native tongue, and you can still easily sort and categorise the information with our CV parser.

Accurate Natural Language Processing

Here at Affinda, we have built our own advanced AI models using probabilistic - not rule-driven - predictive methods. We find that machine learning achieves far more accurate outcomes as it parses resumes on a case-by-case basis and can get to the heart of the semantics in any text.

Trained Specifically for CVs

We don’t use general models to parse CVs. Instead, we have custom-built highly specialised models trained on the various sections often found in resumes. This deep learning enables our software to easily parse CV sections such as education, work experience and relevant skills.


If you want to use Affinda to its best advantage, you will, of course, have to integrate it with your ATS. That’s why we have developed a robust API that can be used with any applicant tracking system that has API integration capabilities.

Our API can process high volumes of requests to keep up optimal performance even when you have hundreds of CVs coming through. This does require technical skills, so it’s ideal if you have access to a dev team.

Other Useful Resume Parsing Products

CV parsing is only the beginning of how we can help you streamline your candidate date and make your work easier. Other recruitment software include:

Templater – External recruiters love our templater as you can pre-format candidate CVs to match your own brand before sending them through to the client. Present resumes with a professional polish.

Redactor – Need to remove bias from your recruitment processes? Our automated resume redactor can edit out all unnecessary information that might influence your decision, just leaving behind the most important components such as skills and work experience. Unbiased recruitment has never been easier.

Additionally, if you are sending multiple resumes off to a client to browse through, you can remove the contact details using either the templater or redactor recruitment software. That way, your client will have to contact you to fill the position rather than communicating directly with the applicant.

Try our Resume Parser for Recruiters before you buy

Interested in seeing what Affinda can do? Start a free trial to see our resume parser for recruiters in action, and we’re sure that you’ll want to take the plunge once you see all the ways it can help you to streamline your recruitment processes. Contact us today to find out more and discuss your specific requirements.

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