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Affinda's Quarterly Update for Q1 FY2024

Quarterly Update Q1 2024: What's New at Affinda?

3 minutes
Here's a glimpse of the changes we made over the past 3 months. Some of them are all about new functionalities and improved features, while others concern your credit use and integration capabilities.
Affinda brings you the best AI solutions

Quarterly Update for Q3 2024: What’s New at Affinda?

3 minutes
With Affinda's devoted team, new things keep coming your way regularly. Check out what products and features we've added lately.
Interview with Jeff Melton, COO at Affinda

Interview with Jeff Melton: The Legendary Coaching Style

5 Minutes
Jeff Melton is our COO and has become a legend at the company for his unique coaching style. So, after hearing yet another one of our team members rave about his methods, we knew that we had to share this knowledge.
Our resume parser for recruiters allows you to easily sort all your resume data with a few clicks.

Say Hello to Our Resume Parser for Recruiters

5 Minutes
A resume parser for recruiters can transform your work life and make data entry or sorting resumes a distant memory from your past. Here's how it works.
Affinda's new Python client library makes integration a cinch

New: Affinda Launches Resume Parser in Python

3 Minutes
Have you been wishing you could find a resume parser with dedicated python client libraries to simplify your integration work? You've got it! Affinda's state of the art resume parser is now available in python, and you'll be able to connect the API with just a few lines of code.
Working at Affinda remotely

A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

6 Minutes
Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your favorite data extraction company? Here’s an insider's look at a day in the life of a data scientist, one of the core people that make Affinda hum.