6 Reasons You Need a Good Resume Filtering and Matching Software

Resume filtering and matching software can simplify your life in more ways than one. Here are six reasons you should implement it as soon as you can.
January 27, 2023
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Finding the perfect candidate is easy with resume filtering and matching software.
Finding the perfect candidate is easy with resume filtering and matching software.

Do you struggle to find the right candidates to fill open positions in your company? Or maybe you work for a job posting board, hoping to improve the technology behind your platform.  Either way, resume filtering and matching software is the solution to your problems.

What Is Resume Filtering And Matching Software?

Resume filtering and matching software takes all of the CVs that come through for a specific job and filters them according to criteria such as work history, job titles, length of experience, universities attended, skills, and more. Then these tools allow you to filter according to these categories and match candidates against the job requirements.

Why You Need Resume Filtering And Matching Software

As a recruiter or hiring manager, the functionality of resume filtering and matching software is indispensable. Here’s why:

  1. Finding An Excellent Job Match

The main reason hiring managers love resume filtering, and matching software is because it helps them to make better hiring decisions. Using artificial intelligence, you can ensure that the person you select is a better match for a specific job than any of the other candidates.

This can result in longer-lasting hires, increased productivity, and boosted morale at your company. Imagine what a difference it could make to your bottom line if every single hire was a successful one!

  1. Finding Similar Candidates

But resume matchers do more than just resume screening. They can also help you find candidates who are similar to a specific applicant.Say you have one outstanding applicant but more than one role to fill; it can be tricky to go about filling every single position. However, with matching software, you can upload the application from a top-quality candidate and let the tool determine for you which applicants are most similar to that one. This can solve a lot of problems when you’re recruiting for numerous roles at a time.

  1. One Step Ahead Of Your Competition

Ever wonder how Fortune 500  companies keep their competitive edge? It’s often by investing in the latest technology before their competitors even know it exists! No longer is it enough to simply use resume parsing technology and an applicant tracking system in your recruitment process. Most good recruitment firms are doing that these days. You need the matching technology alongside it to stay ahead of the curve. After all, if you can eliminate unqualified candidates automatically and match job applications to the role faster than your competitors, you’ll find it easier to nab the best staff.

  1. Profile Scoring

These days, profile scoring is a standard part of the hiring process for HR managers. By offering numeric scores to each candidate, it’ll be easier to compare their suitability for a job. A matcher can scan a resume, determine a candidate’s suitability against the job description, and automatically provide profile scores.

  1. Search Candidate Database

Poring over hundreds of CVs and looking for a specific characteristic is time-consuming and overwhelming. Imagine if you could simply perform a search to find a particular word or phrase in the applications; well, that’s exactly what a resume scanner can do for you! Search by any keyword, and thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, the tool will show you which candidates used that word in their cover letters or CVs. 

  1. Uncover Spectacular Candidates

You don’t know what you’re missing out on until you see the power of intelligent search suggestions for yourself. These products can help you to discover candidates you may have previously overlooked by using AI to suggest candidates for a position. You’ll find that your talent pool opens up as you are made aware of every candidate that is potentially a good fit for your business.

Find out more about the benefits of resume filtering and matching software from Brendan, Affinda's Commercial Director. Let's hear him out.

What’s Wrong With Manual Resume Matching?

Is that the first thing that pops into your head? You’re not alone. In fact, this is a common question among experienced recruiters and HR professionals. After all, you’ve made successful, long-lasting placements many times over using traditional resume matching.

That’s great, and you’re obviously very good at what you do. But you’ve been making your job much more challenging than it needs to be, and clearing out new paths when there’s already an ultra-fast highway open. If you complement your skills for detecting quality candidates with the right software, you’ll free up so much more of your time! This software doesn’t replace your talent; it just helps you find the most suitable candidates faster so that they don’t slip through your fingers. 

Consider the time it would take you to read through 100 applications to find a job candidate who has a specific qualification. If you’re fast, maybe an hour or two? A resume matcher can do it in seconds!

Resume filtering and matching software is a great way to fly higher.

How To Use Affinda’s Resume Filtering And Matching Software

You may be surprised to realise how simple using resume filtering and matching software can be. Affinda’s resume matcher is no exception, thanks to our helpful customer service team and wide range of client libraries. 

One of the main reasons that companies are hesitant to invest in new job matching software is that they know their staff doesn’t have time to learn how to use a new tool. We are proud to say that with Affinda’s resume matcher, there’s no special training required. The resume screening process is easy and intuitive. Even your least tech-savvy people will be searching and matching candidates in no time. 

We offer two integration options:

  1. iFrame Embed – If you have a recruiting platform, you can simply embed this technology as an iFrame. This keeps everything in one location, so your recruiters don’t even have to navigate out of your current platform to search for candidates. 
  2. API – Alternatively, you can use our API, building a custom interface that looks exactly the way you want it. This will draw information from our well-documented API.

To get started, get in touch with us to set up a demo. Then it’s as easy as selecting your integration option and getting your developer to set it up!

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