Resume Parser: Jaam Automation integrates AI with their RPA software for automation of a client’s recruitment processes

Discover how Jaam Automation leveraged Affinda's AI Resume Parser to automate and optimise their client's recruitment procedures.

Resume Parser & Resume Redactor: Supporting ATS providers to enhance accuracy, performance & combat bias in recruitment

Learn how Affinda supports ATS providers to combat bias in recruitment while enhancing accuracy and performance with our AI Resume Parser & Redactor.

Resume Parser: Minotaur ATS strengthens their system with higher accuracy, reliability and speed

A case study on how Affinda's Resume Parser helped Minotaur ATS achieve high accuracy, reliability and speed

Resume Parser: Spencer Ogden enhances global HR recruit services via streamlined candidate screening & faster placements

Affinda was able to provide a fully customised integration of advanced Recruitment AI solution with Spencer Ogden’s existing Bullhorn CRM system.

Resume Parser: Recruitment Boost upgrades their ATS and CRM platform for more accurate candidate matching

Recruitment Boost was experiencing issues with the accuracy of its previous resume parsing provider in its downstream candidate matching processes.

Resume Parser: FMG's global job board parses 85,000+ CVs annually at a speed of 1-3 seconds for recruitment success

Affinda collaborated with Friday Media Group to provide them with a high-quality and tailored solution that met FMG's unique requirements.

Search & Match: Aqore optimises their HR staffing software to improve productivity and performance

After conducting a comprehensive evaluation, Aqore determined Affinda's Resume Parsing and Search & Match solutions as the best option for their platform.