Spencer Ogden partners with Affinda to streamline candidate screening and accelerate placements

Spencer Ogden partners with Affinda to streamline candidate screening and accelerate placements

June 29, 2023
4 Minutes
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  • 5,000+ resumes processed each month
  • >585,000 resumes from existing database unlocked
  • Plug and play Bullhorn integration
June 29, 2023
4 Minutes


Spencer Ogden is a recruitment expert that specializes in matching candidates with companies across the energy and infrastructure sectors. With 13 international offices spread around the globe, they take advantage of local knowledge and networks to provide services to companies seeking employees.


In the recruitment industry, it's common for candidates already in a recruiter's CRM to represent a significant proportion of successful placement. Relying only on new applicants to specific jobs risks missing out on opportunities to place candidates who are known to the recruiter from previous outreaches or job postings.  

Realising the potential of the database of candidates accumulated over time, Spencer Ogden was looking for a solution that would integrate with their existing CRM that could efficiently match candidates to jobs, and jobs to candidates, without spending time coding candidates or consulting with external sources.


After conducting a thorough evaluation, Spencer Ogden found Affinda to be the best possible solution. Affinda were able to provide a fully customised integration of their advanced Resume Parsing and Search & Match solution with Spencer Ogden’s existing Bullhorn CRM system. This has enabled their recruiters to instantly find candidates that best suit each position without leaving their existing CRM /ATS system.

Set up and implementation took a matter of days, and free usage during the trial period made the transition to Affinda seamless and efficient. Ongoing maintenance is simple, and the Affinda service is reliable and responsive.

"Affinda’s solutions improved the efficiency of our recruitment process through allowing us to better match candidates to potential jobs. This is only possible because of the high accuracy of Affinda’s resume parsing solution which allows information to be searched directly from the CV”

Alan Stuart, Head of Sales Operations at Spencer Ogden


After integrating Affinda’s solution with their CRM platform, Spencer Ogden has found that;

  • Integration with Bullhorn unlocks database of over 585,000 resumes
  • Using Affinda is highlighting candidates from their own CRM that can be shortlisted and contacted immediately improving speed to success.
“Within the first week of usage, our users were able to shortlist good matching candidates from our database to open jobs within minutes, something that simply wasn’t possible before Affinda.”

Alan Stuart, Head of Sales Operations at Spencer Ogden

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