Recruitment Boost chooses Affinda to increase Resume Parsing accuracy

  • >150k resumes processed each year
  • Highly accurate data extraction to power better candidate matching
  • Flexible usage-based pricing model to accommodate varying demand
May 13, 2023
3 Minutes

Recruitment Boost is an innovative ATS and CRM platform that helps recruiters to easily find and place candidates. The platform processes over 150k resumes annually and offers several features, such as AI-powered candidate matching.


Recruitment Boost’s previous resume parsing provider's accuracy was causing some issues in their downstream candidate matching processes, and the pricing model they had didn't account for seasonal fluctuations in resume volume.

They wanted a Resume Parsing solution that had high accuracy, integrated seamlessly with their platform, and had a fit-for-purpose pricing model.


After conducting a thorough evaluation, Recruitment Boost found Affinda's solution to be the most accurate.

"We undertook extensive research to find an accurate and responsive resume parser and found that Affinda was the clear leader."
- Dennis Zabal, Business Development Manager at Recruitment Boost

Set up and implementation took a matter of days, and free usage during the trial period made the transition to Affinda seamless and efficient. Ongoing maintenance is simple, and the Affinda service is highly reliable and responsive.


After integrating Affinda’s solution with their ATS / CRM platform 18 months ago, Recruitment Boost has found that;

  • Accuracy of data extraction from resumes is world-class and continuously improving
  • Improved data quality leads to better candidate matching on platform, driving more placements for Recruitment Boost’s customers
  • Flexible annual usage model means that peaks and troughs in demand balance out throughout the year

“The Primary benefit of our partnership is that if there are any questions we have, Affinda are always available and open to having a discussion about it and will suggest and implement changes where possible to make it work”.
- Jason Lopez, CEO, Recruitment Boost
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