Aqore turbocharge their staffing software with Affinda’s candidate Search & Match

Aqore turbocharge their staffing software with Affinda’s candidate Search & Match

May 25, 2023
3 Minutes
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  • 120,000+ resumes parsed and indexed annually
  • 1800+ recruiters currently using the Aqore platform
  • Simple and intuitive candidate search & match functionality
  • Seamless integration in a matter of days
May 25, 2023
3 Minutes

Aqore provides clients with staffing software solutions designed to streamline the recruitment, employee management, accounts payable and sales management processes. Their recruitment platform processes 120,000 resumes annually and assists their clients in shortlisting candidates for job opportunities.


Since their clients process such a high volume of resumes, Aqore wanted to enhance the user experience within its recruitment platform by finding an automated search & match solution which would enable recruiters to easily populate candidate profiles and suggest job matches automatically. They sought an accurate, fast, and affordable tool which would integrate seamlessly with their current platform.

Easy integration with Affinda. The API was easy to use and well documented. The support team was very helpful and responded fast to any inquiry.


After conducting a comprehensive evaluation, Aqore determined Affinda's Resume Parsing and Search & Match solutions as being the best option for their platform.  

Aqore had already been longstanding users of Affinda's resume parser, so they found integrating the Search & Match capabilities was quick and seamless with minimal training or onboarding requirements needed as users were already familiar with its interface.  

“Affinda’s team responded quickly to any inquiries, while their API was straightforward and well documented, working faster and more reliably than competing solutions available on the market. This made Affinda an easy choice.”

- Samar Basnet, Co-Founder | Chief Software Architect, Aqore


Through integrating Affinda’s Search & Match solution, Aqore can see instant benefits;

  • Increased speed of applicant screening and shortlisting, allowing for same-day placements.
  • Simple and intuitive design of search & match capabilities allows for better user experience on the Aqore platform.
  • Increased accuracy in candidate matching and placement due to Affinda's data extraction methods.

“A matching functionality to help our clients improve productivity was imminent. Our platform, now powered by Affinda's search & match feature, empowers recruiters to quickly find suitable candidates, making the process of filling roles much faster.”

- Samar Basnet, Co-Founder | Chief Software Architect, Aqore

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