Resume Parser & Resume Redactor: Supporting ATS providers to enhance accuracy, performance & combat bias in recruitment

Resume Parser & Resume Redactor: Supporting ATS providers to enhance accuracy, performance & combat bias in recruitment

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  • Affinda's Resume Redactor eliminates bias by removing identifying information such as name, gender, age, and ethnicity, enabling focus on qualifications and skills.
  • A fair and unbiased recruitment process with Affinda's Resume Redactor enhances the candidate experience, driving positive interactions with the company.
  • Affinda’s customer was impressed with the resume parser, deciding to switch because of its higher accuracy, more affordable cost and Affinda’s superior customer service.

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Affinda’s customer, a global Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provider, assists businesses in organising the entire recruitment process, from identifying potential candidates to making final hiring decisions. Processing over 5.5 million resumes annually, they automate and optimise staffing and recruitment procedures to boost efficiency, accuracy and speed, resulting in less time on admin tasks. They have been providing ATS software to hundreds of businesses globally, who manage millions of candidates every year.

Business Challenge:

Bias in recruitment has a long and troubling history on a global scale, with discrimination based on race, gender, age, religion, and other factors being common occurrences. This bias has resulted in systemic inequalities and barriers for marginalised groups in accessing job opportunities and advancing in their careers. According to Gitnux’s Marketdata 2024 report, women are 45% more likely to be excluded from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs due to bias during the hiring process. There’s also a 50% decrease in interviews for minority applicants when they reveal their race on their resumes.

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of promoting Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in organisational hiring processes. Embracing diversity not only ensures a fair and equal playing field for all candidates but also brings a range of perspectives and experiences to the workplace, leading to increased innovation, productivity, and employee satisfaction.  

Businesses that prioritise D&I in their recruitment practices are better positioned to attract top talent, improve employee retention, and drive business success in an increasingly diverse and globalised world. A 2021 LinkedIn study found that diverse companies earn 2.5x higher cash flow per employee, inclusive teams are over 35% more productive and diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time. With a growing number of clients wishing to enhance D&I in their hiring processes, Affinda's customer wanted to improve their ATS service offering through an additional feature: a resume redactor.  

Not only this, Affinda’s customer was struggling with their current resume parser provider’s pricing, performance and service. This meant that they were experiencing increased errors, greatly impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes and the services they provide. As their clients rely on their ATS to meet their resume parsing needs, which may be parsing hundreds or thousands of resumes every day, Affinda’s customer required a more reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution to help streamline their recruitment processes through improved accuracy and turnaround times.

Business Requirements:

  • A Resume Redactor to protect against bias
  • A more accurate and reliable Resume Parser
  • Improved scalability for a large volume of resumes and cover letters
  • To reduce costs associated with their existing resume parser’s provider
  • Outstanding customer support  
  • To continue to meet their customer’s demands to provide them with the best ATS platform available on the market  


By incorporating a resume redactor feature into their ATS platform, Affinda’s customer can outperform competitors in the market by offering an enhanced service that allows their clients to remove bias from resumes and cover letters. This ensures that all candidates are evaluated based on their qualifications and skills rather than irrelevant factors such as gender or ethnicity.

Due to the challenges with their current resume parser, Affinda’s customer also made the switch to Affinda for resume parsing, offering significantly higher parsing accuracy at a more affordable price with superior customer service.  

With a more accurate resume parser, Affinda’s customer’s clients can now quickly and easily identify the most qualified candidates for a position, leading to faster hiring decisions and a more streamlined recruitment process through improved resume parsing performance. Additionally, the affordability of Affinda’s resume parsing solution allows Affinda’s customer to reallocate their budget to other areas, maximising their overall return on investment. The cost savings can be used to further develop and enhance their ATS platform's capabilities.

Affinda's customer now offers an advanced resume parsing and redacting tool as part of their ATS platform, allowing their clients to reap both ethical and reputational benefits of using a resume redactor, while also experiencing improvements in efficiency and productivity with the world’s most accurate resume parser.  

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