Why You Need a CV Parser

What is a CV parser, and why should it top the list of essential software for every HR or hiring department? Here's the down-low.
June 17, 2022
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A CV parser can automate every part of the hiring process.
A CV parser can automate every part of the hiring process.

There’s a new role opening up at your company, and you know exactly what the ideal candidate will look like—- from education, to work experience, to specialized skills that will make them really shine in your new role. A candidate like that will be able to really take the company to new heights, and you’ve budgeted a generous salary and are excited about what’s next.

Your HR manager writes up a stellar, engaging job description, and you post it in two or three key spots. Then the resumes start rolling in. The first five, ten, fifteen, you read enthusiastically, but they’re not quite what you had in mind. No worries: the applications keep coming in, gaining volume as your job posting is shared on social media channels. Now you’ve got a few thousand applications, and somewhere among them is sure to be your ideal candidate.

But have you ever tried going through a thousand applications manually? It’s no fun, I can tell you that. Five, ten, fifteen, even twenty are doable. But once you get a serious volume of applicants, sorting through and finding the top contenders is not for the weak of heart. If you want some sort of record of the procedure, expect to spend countless hours on manual data entry.

That’s why you need a CV parser; resume extraction software that can automate the entire process of gathering data from resumes and summarizing that data in a way that empowers informed decision making.

What is a CV Parser

A CV parser is a crucial piece of equipment for everyone involved in the hiring process: job boards, recruitment offices, and hiring managers, as well as HR offices for smaller companies that don’t have a specialized hiring department.

Built on advances in machine learning and deep learning modules of artificial intelligence, resume parsers transform the unstructured candidate data in your resumes to structured data an applicant tracking system can understand and manipulate. When a resume parser is connected to an ATS, hiring suitable candidates can be as simple as plugging the criteria into your system and watching the CV parsing software bring up a short list of qualified candidates that meet all your criteria.

Resume parsing software can:

  • Save time
  • Speed up hiring decisions
  • Empower decision making
  • Ensure quality candidates don’t slip through the cracks

Rather than waste your time going through resumes day in and day out, trying to find the ideal candidate, you get to glance through a summary of the resume data in a structured format that makes it easy to locate relevant information. You’ll be able to pull up just ATS profiles that meet certain criteria— X years of work experience, for instance— and won’t need to spend time looking through the resume file at people who don’t have the skill and know-how your role requires.

With resume parsing software, finding a quality candidate is no longer a hit-or-miss affair. With enough applicants, you’ll be sure to find exactly the person your team needs— and everyone in the firm will thank you.

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