Top 5 Best Resume Parsers for Staffing Services

If you work with a large number of resumes on a regular basis, you need a resume parser. Let's make that more specific. You need the best resume parser.
December 11, 2021
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Using the best resume parsers enables high quality hires with a minimum of time and effort
Using the best resume parsers enables high quality hires with a minimum of time and effort

If you’re in the business of offering staffing services to your customers, you know how necessary it is to find quality candidates quickly. One way of achieving this is by integrating an accurate and efficient resume parser with your applicant tracking system  (ATS). Resume parsing solutions allow you to provide superior service to your customers, scheduling interviews with prime applicants as you match talented job seekers with great jobs.  They are trained over resumes in many fields, and can parse CVs in finance, industry or training with as much accuracy as CVs in human resources. Find out which are the best resume parsers you might consider using.

Top 5 Best Resume Parsers for Staffing Services

1. Affinda

Affinda tops the list at number one due to its personalized service and proven ability to consistently outperform its competitors. It has repeatedly been put head-to-head with other popular resume parsers, and it comes out on top.

We put a high level of emphasis on customer service, which is why we have hired qualified IT professionals to make up our service team. There is great benefit to picking up the phone and not speaking to a generic call center operator, but someone who truly understands the system. The team at Affinda are well-known for our fast responses, willingness to help, and high level of expertise.

If you offer staffing services and have a question about your parsing results, we know that you can’t wait around for an answer. We get back to you quickly so that you can carry on with your work of finding the best person for the job.

What our clients say:

“…where Affinda really stood out head and shoulders above the others is in their level of support and attention to the customer.”

2. Sovren

Sovren offers super-fast processing speeds for organisations that need to deal with thousands of resumes at a time. If you have a large number of temporary staffing positions to fill, for instance, this may be a good choice.  However, there is some accuracy comprised for the sake of speed with the Sovren parser.

They are one of the oldest resume parsing companies around and their technology is built on what was available at the time, so they don’t use machine learning in their parser.

3. Rchilli

If your staffing services firm is looking for a more affordable option, Rchilli offers a CV parser at a similar price point to Affinda’s.

One great feature of the Rchilli parser is that it can parse up to 140 different data fields in over 30 languages. In particular, it is an excellent option for companies parsing resumes from India, as it can do this extremely accurately. This is where the  Rchilli company is based, so if you’re from India, make sure to include Rchilli as one of the options in your testing.

4. Textkernel

Textkernel understands the need to make job placements as quickly as possible. They offer an AI-based resume parser to help you find qualified candidates already in your database who could be a good match for the available role.

The Textkernel parser also offers excellent versatility, as it can process documents in many different formats. Whether you have CVs on file as PDF, doc, txt, odt, docx, or other file types, it can scan them using OCR (optical character recognition).

5. HireAbility

Finally, we have the parser from HireAbility known as Alex. This resume parser can be used by staffing services to categorise contact details, work history, qualifications, skills, and other applicant data. This can be output in JSON or XML format, depending on your requirements.

This parser’s point of difference is that it can even parse content from social media. So, if your employment service been searching for talent through social media, you’ll now be able to parse candidate information from LinkedIn, Skype, and Twitter.

Book a Demo for Affinda – the Best Resume Parser for Staffing Services

The best parser for your organisation will depend entirely on your specific needs. If you’re parsing a large amount of CVs, Affinda’s API is a great option. For smaller amounts, you can use our free online tool.

We always recommend doing a trial of 2 or 3 different parsers so that you can compare products and figure out which one will best suit your organisation’s needs moving forward.

If you are tired of spending hours poring over hundreds of CVs, trying to find suitable staff for your clients, you need a parser. Affinda’s unique product can save you plenty of time as well as help you to find even better-quality hires.

Contact us today to book a demo and see how this tool could transform the way your organisation does business.

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