Resume Parsing Software to Jumpstart Your Recruitment Process

Is resume parsing software the missing ingredient for a happily productive HR office? Here's our argument.
July 10, 2022
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Is resume parsing software the missing ingredient?
Is resume parsing software the missing ingredient?

If you find that you're constantly exceeding your recruitment deadlines, resulting in gaps between staff leaving and being replaced, you can benefit from using resume parsing software. Instead of spending hours poring through CVs, your recruitment or human resources team will be able to sift through applications in no time to find the most suitable candidates for each position.

Who Uses Resume Parsing Software?

Resume parsing software is key to HR automation, and used by both small businesses and large enterprise. Anyone who deals with the hiring process can benefit from using resume parsing software. This can include internal recruitment teams, HR professionals, hiring managers, recruiters, staffing agencies, and job boards.

How Does Resume Parsing Software Work?

Resume parsing software essentially converts raw resume data into organized, structured information your ATS can understand. To add CV parsing into your recruitment process, you’ll want to integrate a resume parser with your applicant tracking system. The resume parsing technology takes a CV and analyses it, pulling out the most important resume data. It then categorises this information within your ATS so you can easily see relevant, structured information for each candidate.

Fields extracted might include skills, job titles, work experience, years spent in roles, and more. This helps hiring managers and other stakeholders to easily compare each applicant's qualifications against the job description.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Resume Parsing Software?

Speed Up Recruitment

Have you ever lost a qualified candidate because the recruitment process took too long, and they accepted a role elsewhere? Has your business suffered because of a gap between an employee leaving and being replaced? These are sure signs that you can benefit from investing in a resume parser API to integrate with your HR software.

CV parsers speed up hiring by taking away the need to read through every single resume. With that same data neatly arranged into categories, it's much faster for a recruiter to scan through applications and quickly find the most suitable candidates. This can save hours of time spent on reading CVs, making recruitment a much faster process.

Better Candidate Experience

One way to get excellent candidates and keep them interested in a role is with an unbeatable candidate experience. If your recruitment processes are slow and outdated, you can lose incredible applicants. That's why candidate relationship management is so important – never let another applicant slip through your fingers again.

Resume parsing tools help to create a seamless, fast, and simple application and recruitment process. This results in happier candidates who start out with an excellent impression of your business.

Improve Hiring Outcomes

High turnover, low productivity, and sub-par staff satisfaction rates can all be addressed by introducing resume parsing technology. Improving the experience of new staff entering your organisation can help to turn the tide and reduce attrition.

Leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence in your recruiting software to find better candidates and ensure that they begin their new roles in a positive frame of mind.

One Client Said:

"Previously, our candidates had to create profiles manually. We had many requests from both candidates and employers to add resume parsing to our solution. By adding Affinda to our solution, we're now able to save candidates a lot of manual effort in creating their profiles. This resulted in increased profile creation conversion rates."

Ready To Get Underway?

If you're ready to parse resumes, you'll first need the right tool. Affinda's resume extractor uses a unique resume parsing algorithm to attain accurate and informative data from every CV. Upgrade your staffing agency software now by integrating a resume parsing API.

Try the tool for free before you buy. Simply head to our resume parser page and you'll be able to get a free download of the results. See for yourself why our customers love our resume parsing software. And then, if you want to upgrade or make changes to this AI solution, contact our team and get all the benefits of automated resume parsing tool.

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