Using a Resume Extractor Tool to Automate Your Workload

There's no reason to waste time on manual data entry. Resume extractor tools have the potential to automate your entire workflow, freeing you up for the work you really want to do.
January 8, 2022
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It's easy to do more in less time when you've got a resume extractor tool hooked up to your ATS
It's easy to do more in less time when you've got a resume extractor tool hooked up to your ATS

You've been reading resumes till your eyes are red, and the piles of unprocessed applications seem just as tall as ever. If you've been plugging away at manual data entry till you hate the sight of a job application, it's time to call quits. Old school resume reading can't keep up with modern application volume, and what you need is a resume extractor tool.

How to Use a Resume Extractor Tool to Automate Your Workload

The good news: a resume parser is both affordable and easy to integrate. What’s more, it can completely automate your workflow and populate the candidate profile in your applicant tracking system(ATS) with relevant data you actually want to see. There's a reason resume extraction software has become the tool of choice for recruiters, job boards, HR offices and hiring managers alike: it makes the hiring process quicker and more efficient even while enabling you to achieve better results.

Using a resume parsing tool can be as simple as navigating to an online service like Affinda’s free resume parser, drag-and-dropping your PDF or Word invoice files into the large grey field in the middle of your screen, glancing through the results, and then clicking the 'export all' button to download the structured output data as your choice of Excel, JSON, or XML.

If you'd like a well-organized summary of candidate information to review, you'll choose the Excel file. If you want to import the data into your ATS, you will want to download the JSON or XML file.

There's nothing complicated about that, but it can get even simpler if you request access to the API and get your developers to integrate resume parsing software directly into your ATS. This service isn't free, but it is very affordable and will offer you a high ROI. What's more, there's a free trial so you can try it out and decide for yourself how much it is worth you before you make any monetary commitment.

Why Integrate a Resume Extractor Tool into Your ATS

Free online tools are great as far as they go, but for regular professional use you're likely to want something more streamlined. Benefits of integrating a resume parser API directly into your ATS include:

  • Eliminate extra importation steps- the data goes straight into your preferred applicant tracking system, automatically populating meaningful fields like contact information, work experience, and education.
  • Parse hundreds of resumes with one command, enabling relevant candidates who meet a key job requirement to come to the top immediately.

Both the API and free online version give you access to the same high accuracy parsing, based on cutting edge AI technology, that is capable of turning an unorganized stash of creatively designed resumes into a treasure trove of well structured relevant information. If your resumes are in a language other than English, no worries: Affinda now offers resume parsing in 56 languages, including those most commonly spoken.

Under the Hood: How a Resume Extractor Parses Your Files

A resume parser like Affinda is a fine-tuned piece of software based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The parser works with every bit of information available-- from visual layout to format to the vocabulary used-- to hone in on key candidate information and extract it from the PDF or Word file. The extracted resume data is provided to the user in a structured format that is easy for both humans and computers to access.

Rather than simply run your basic search functions, which hunt for keywords and phrases and could miss critical information if worded an unusual way, Affinda's engine uses natural language processing and semantic search capabilities to determine the meaning behind the words on the page. This capability, built on artificial intelligence, is what enables the parser to make sense of even creatively worded resumes.

So don’t stay in the Middle Ages. Integrate a resume extractor tool into your workday today, and spend that extra time you gain working on what you actually enjoy doing. Contact us today and bring your business into the future.

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