Integrating a Resume Parser into Your Job Board

Integrating a resume parser into your job board is one sure way to send your engagement numbers straight up.
November 29, 2021
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Integrating a Resume Parser into Your Job Board
Integrating a Resume Parser into Your Job Board

If you’ve been looking for a way to set yourself off from the competition, you’ve come to the right place!

Recruiters need to know that their job opportunities will be seen by top talent, and that by posting on your board they have a good chance of reaching the candidates they’d like to apply for their position, whether that might be executive, staff, or specialized talent

Job seekers want to know their applications will be considered within a reasonable timeframe, and that they won’t be forgotten in some vault. They’d also appreciate an easy, quick way to submit their data--- if all they need to do is submit a resume and cover letter, they’ll be more likely to engage with your site.

Both recruiters and job seekers are hoping to get the best results they can with a minimum of time outlay. Those posting jobs on your board may be swamped by the applications that come in, and finding the qualified person becomes as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Soon, job seekers realize that no-one is getting hired on your boards, and rather than waste time applying they go elsewhere.

By integrating our resume parser you’ll be able to demonstrate to recruiters the benefits of listing roles on your job board, and it won’t take long before the applicants themselves hear that your board is where the action is.

Recruiters have more information than ever on how many applications they receive per job ad and how quickly they come in, making it easy to pit you against your competitors.

You can lead the charge every time by integrating Affinda’s resume parser into your job board.

Why Use Affinda’s Resume Parser

Why should you use Affinda’s resume parser for your job board site? There are three main reasons:

1. Make Applications Easy

Make it simpler than ever for applicants to apply for jobs on your site. All they will need to do is upload their resume and our parser will do the rest to fill out your form.

Candidates don’t like spending hours filling in job applications. Make the process faster using our parsing technology to slash the time it takes them, resulting in lower exit rates on your website.

Adding a resume parser to your job board means no more extensive forms for candidates to fill out.
Home much time is your ideal candidate prepared to spend filling in forms on your job board? Answer: not much. A resume parser makes application a two-click deal.

Gather candidate CVs, send them through to our API, and you will get back detailed information extracted for each applicant. With high quality, accurate parsing, candidates will be pleased to see their applications populated with correct information, encouraging them to keep using your job board.

2. Recruiters Love It

If you can make candidates happy, then you’ll find it far easier to attract recruiters to your job board site. After all, recruiters need to find as many qualified candidates as possible, and the amount you charge to list on your site needs to be worth it.

Not only that, but accurate information is crucial for recruiters. They need to know that the data they send back to clients - external or internal - is correct. Affinda offers efficient and accurate processing so that you can keep recruiters coming back for more.

3. Differentiate from Competitors

Differentiate yourself from other job board sites by utilising our resume parser alongside our other innovations. We have created both resume matcher and redactor technologies so that you can offer even better value to recruiters.

The resume matcher makes it easy to filter candidates according to the position’s criteria, while the redactor allows you to offer recruiters a blinded application process. That way, recruiters can send off resumes to clients without the concern that they will directly contact the applicants themselves.

How to Integrate Affinda's Resume Parser for Job Boards

If your job board site is looking to integrate a resume parser, you can apply here for a free trial of our API. You will need a developer to effectively integrate it into your website or ATS – find more information on that here.

The free trial lasts for 30 days, which is more than enough time to rigorously test our system for accuracy and speed. Or you can choose to purchase an Advanced Testing Package for just $80, which gives you the chance to really put our product to the test. Over three months, you’ll be able to parse 2,000 resumes and see if this is the right tool for you.

Why Choose Affinda?

Affinda is a fast-growing innovative business offering resume parsing and other recruitment technologies. We have gone head-to-head many times with our competitors who have been in the market for much longer, and we repeatedly come out on top.

We offer great value to job boards looking for an accurate resume parser that won’t take up your entire budget. With more accurate technologies that keep recruiters and candidates using your site, Affinda’s tools provide excellent value for money.

Affinda’s service team are famous for their quick responses, professionalism, and technical expertise. We hire qualified IT experts so when you call for help or advice, you’re speaking with someone who has the knowledge to thoroughly answer your questions.

Book your free demo today and see for yourself what Affinda can do for your job board site.

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