How to Extract Data from Resumes: A Guide to Affinda's Free Bulk Resume Extraction Tool

Extracting data from CVs has never been easier than with our free bulk resume extraction tool.
November 27, 2021
6 Minutes
It's easy to extract data using a free bulk resume extraction tool
It's easy to extract data using a free bulk resume extraction tool

Eager to stand out in the crowd, your applicants work hard to design creative CVs that highlight what is special about their background and abilities. But with thousands of CVs in your system to sift through, how can you gain useful information from all so many differently formatted documents?

Requiring your staff to spend hours on data entry as you compile candidate profiles is a less than ideal solution. Not only is this time consuming and expensive, human error can also result in inaccurate data. A better option is an effective data extraction tool. Make it an AI solution that can both improve accuracy and increase productivity as your staff have more time to spend on other work.

Introducing Affinda’s resume parser – a data extraction tool designed specifically to be used on resumes, even ones that haven't been prepared by pros. (We recommend The Perfect Resume to candidates who ask.)

How to Extract Data from a Small Amount of Resumes

If you have a few resumes floating around that you’d love to extract data from, Affinda has a tool for that. Use our free resume extraction tool to gain information from these documents in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Head to Our Website

Navigate to our resume parsing software at

Extract Data Step 1: Visit
Extract data step 1.

Step 2: Upload

You have the option to drag and drop any files you’d like to upload. Alternately, you can search for them on your computer by selecting ‘Choose Files’.

Once you have uploaded your files, the tool will look like the below:

Step 2: Upload files to begin data extraction process
Step 2: Upload files to the data extraction tool

Step 3: Parse

Click Parse and choose whether you want to download the results in Excel, XML, or as a JSON file type. Enter your email address to receive a copy of the results.

step 3 resume data extraction
Download the resume data extracted from your files.

That’s it!

Check your email to see the results parsed and organised into relevant categories. Now you can use Excel or another program to sort and organise your extracted information as required.

Extract from Larger Datasets

Larger amounts of data require a higher processing capacity. If you’re looking to get hundreds or thousands of resumes processed into useful data, you will want to use our resume parser API. We would be happy to guide your development team as you integrate this into your ATS or other existing system to easily upload and extract data from any resumes you have on file.

If you don’t have an ATS, your developer can always export the information to Excel or CSV and manipulate it from there.

Not sure if our CV parsing API is for you? Apply for a free trial today – what have you got to lose?

Whether your developer prefers to use Python, JavaScript, .NET., or Java, we now have client libraries they can use for all of these!

Affinda Resume Data Extraction

Developed to Understand Resumes

The great thing about choosing Affinda’s resume extraction tool is that our parser was developed specifically for CVs. Our tool is so fantastic at picking out the information found on resumes because that’s exactly what it was designed to do.

We don’t just use standard visual layout understanding and document data extraction, but go deeper using proprietary Visual AI models that extend natural language processing with probabilistic predictive methods trained on hundreds of thousands of samples. This allows us to accurately parse the data in every sub-section of every CV and interpret semantics reliably.

Custom Project Capability

If you have a project that requires customised data extraction, Affinda would love to help. We can work on customisations to allow you to process all of your unstructured data and documents. Whatever you need to extract data from, we can make it happen.

Expert Service

If you talk to those who have used Affinda’s resume parser in the past, you will find one common theme: Affinda’s customer service is incomparable. Rather than simply hiring customer service representatives, we have filled our service team with qualified IT professionals. When you call up, you’ll be dealing with people who understand our parsing tool inside out and can help with specific enquiries. We speak the same language as your developers, making troubleshooting and getting assistance easier than ever!

Contact us today to find out more about how we make data extraction easy.

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