Quick Guide to Affinda’s Free Online Resume Extraction Tool

Resume parsing software can save you time and money while freeing you up to focus on what matters. Here's how to use it.
March 6, 2022
4 minutes
Quick Guide to Affinda’s Free Online Resume Extraction Tool
Quick Guide to Affinda’s Free Online Resume Extraction Tool

Reading every single resume you’re sent is a painstaking and time-consuming task. Skipping through them is a sure way of missing prime candidates. But there’s a better way to gain the information you need! Affinda’s free online resume extraction tool allows you to extract the most relevant candidate data in mere seconds. The best part? You’ll have much more free time to spend thoroughly vetting candidates to find top talent for your available roles. Hire faster and smarter with the power of our resume extraction tool.

Affinda’s Resume Extraction Tool

A resume parser works by using artificial intelligence to take unstructured data from written information and turning it into structured data. By pulling out the main facts from the candidate information you receive, you’ll be able to easily compare and analyse your applicants during the hiring process. You can then use this information to populate candidate profiles within your applicant tracking system so you can revisit an applicant’s information at any time. No more scouring through your emails to find the right application!

The information extraction tool will show you crucial information on candidates such as contact information, work experience, past job titles, qualifications, certifications, references, and skills.

Resume parsing software is ideal for recruiters, human resource professionals, hiring managers, and job boards. Spend less time browsing CVs and use resume parsing software to get straight to the relevant details and compare candidates against the job description. Improve your hiring process with this one simple tool.

Quick Guide to Using Affinda’s Resume Extraction Tool

Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Access the Tool

Head to https://www.affinda.com/resume-parser/ to access the CV parsing tool.

Step 2: Upload Resumes

Locate the CVs you’d like to parse on your computer. Drag and drop these onto the box that says ‘drag and drop all resumes here’.

Alternatively, select ‘choose files’ to locate and upload the files from your computer.

Step 3: Get Your Results!

Wait a moment for the resume parsing tool to finish processing. Once it’s complete, you’ll be able to download the results as an Excel, JSON, or XML file. You can also enter your email address to be sent a copy of the extracted resume data.

Other Resume Extraction Options

Resume Parser API

An online CV parser is an incredibly useful tool as it can be used in your favourite browser without a download. However, many people find it helpful to connect a data extraction tool to their ATS.

In this case, you’d benefit from our high-quality resume parser API. This can be linked to your ATS to automatically populate your candidate database, making it simpler than ever to find the most relevant candidate information.

The resume parser API is also perfect for those who work with large quantities of resumes on a regular basis. The API enables you to quickly process bulk loads of resumes and pull out the most valuable details.

Invoice Parser

Gaining data from an unstructured file is helpful in more situations than just recruitment. For example, you may want an easy way to add invoice data into your accounting software. In this case, you’ll find Affinda’s Invoice Parser extremely useful.

Take supplier invoices, process them through the invoice parser, and view just the organized, structured data on the other side. Eliminate the task of manually entering data from invoices into your system with this accurate parser.

Interested in spending less time on reviewing applications and invoices? Speak to a member of the Affinda team today about how our software solutions can help streamline your workflow. Contact us and we’d be happy to chat, or you can go ahead and apply online for a free trial of the resume parser API.

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