This is the Best Tool for Bulk Resume Parsing

Bulk resume parsing doesn't have to be clunky, expensive, or inaccurate. Here's a trim, highly accurate solution that also happens to be easy on the budget.
December 2, 2021
3 Minutes
Bulk resume parsing allows you to convert your stacks of unstructured resumes into useful data
Bulk resume parsing allows you to convert your stacks of unstructured resumes into useful data

While many recruiters now prefer to get candidates to fill in information online, plenty of companies are still getting classic CVs as PDFs or Word documents. The challenge with these types of files is having to go through hundreds of documents while searching for information. This time-consuming hiring method is outdated as there is now software that can help you access data much more easily.

One of the best bulk hiring tools you can use to save time and money is a resume parser. With a parser connected to your applicant tracking system, you’ll be able to see all the information in the same format and easily sort it to filter out unqualified applicants. If you need to export data from hundreds or thousands of CVs at a time, Affinda has your bulk resume parsing needs covered.

Benefits of Bulk Resume Parsing with Affinda

Delete Data Entry from Your Hiring Process

Bulk resume parsing is aimed to take the hassle of data entry out of the hiring process. There’s no need for you to have to read candidate CVs and then one by one, enter that information manually into your ATS. There is an easier way!

Affinda provides the ultimate solution, saving you hours of work. This software can help you to reduce your workload and gather more information on candidates than ever before, with 100+ fields populated from each resume.

Save Money

Bulk resume parsers can be extremely expensive. However, Affinda is one of the best bulk hiring tools, and it is offered at a much more affordable price point than many of its competitors. Stop overpaying for a clunky system when you can get a simple, accurate, and effective bulk resume parser for a much lower cost. Think of all the extra job advertising you’ll be able to do with the money you’ll save!

How to Use Affinda for Bulk Resume Parsing

Once your developer has connected Affinda to your applicant tracking system (ATS), using it is incredibly easy! Here’s how:

1. Upload CVs

Gather up all of the resumes you’d like to review. The CVs can be either PDFs or Word documents, as our object recognition software can easily pick up information from documents in these formats. Upload all of the resumes to the Affinda tool.

2. CV Data Extraction

The Affinda system visual document layout understanding, document data extraction, and natural language processing (NLP) to discover the true meaning behind what applicants have written. This allows our software to accurately detect various types of information and put them into the correct category.

3. Review Results

Once the resume parser has processed your resumes you’ll be ready to review results.  If you have attached Affinda to your applicant tracking system, your candidate profiles can automatically be populated with relevant information. Then you’ll be able to search through to find the right candidate for the position you’re hiring for.

Ready to take the plunge and save yourself from the dreaded hours spent on data entry? Contact the Affinda team today to discuss how we can help your business lower costs while getting more accurate data. If your current processes just aren’t working for you or your business, it’s time to make a change.

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