The Best Resume Parser for ATS Software

If you use an application tracking system to keep track of applicants, you'll want to incorporate a resume parser. But which is the best?
December 8, 2021
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The Best Resume Parser for ATS Software
The Best Resume Parser for ATS Software

HR teams are responsible for bringing the best people into your organisation. It’s not an easy job, and there is a lot of planning and steps that go into this. From creating job ads to spending hours reading CVs and scheduling interviews, it can be a lengthy process. Using an applicant tracking system (ATS) simplifies recruitment to make it faster and easier.

If you already have applicant tracking software in place but wish you could input resumes directly (goodbye, manual data entry!) and have your software tell you which candidates best match your job description, you need a resume parser for your ATS. This is a CV parsing tool that integrates seamlessly into your ATS through an API, pulls relevant data from the resume, and uses that data to populate the candidate profile and resume template in your ATS.

Benefits of Connecting a Resume Parser with an ATS

There are plenty of benefits to connecting your ATS with resume parsing software. Here are just a few examples:

Better Quality Hires

Once you connect your ATS to resume parsing software, you’ll never look back. The resume parser allows you to more easily view relevant candidate information, and you can filter your applicants by applicable skills or job history. This enables you to detect the best candidates for the position and make better hiring decisions. If you’ve hired the right person for the job, that person is likely to be more successful in the role.

Improved Candidate Experience

Candidates are often put off by having to both upload their CV and then fill out a long form with exactly the same information. By connecting a resume parser to your ATS, your candidates will only need to upload their resumes, and the software will do the rest. This is a far better experience for candidates, as there is no duplicate entry of data on their part. The application process can be much quicker, and you’re less likely to lose qualified applicants to application fatigue.

Bringing in new talent with your resume parser
Bringing in new talent is easy when you've got a good resume parser connected to your ATS

Hire Faster

If you have ATS software with resume parsing functionality, the hiring process itself can be significantly sped up. Filter out candidates who don’t match basic qualifications, and have your system flag the best matches. Spend less time reading CVs as you will already know who the most qualified candidates are.

Reduce Bias

When you filter applications based solely on skills and experience, this can take some of the unconscious bias out of the process. With data all in the same structured format, you won’t have a lot of extraneous information that could unfairly influence your decision.  If your company would like to move to hiring blind, you can implement a redactor which leaves out irrelevant information—name, sex, and race, for instance.

What is the Best Resume Parser for ATS Systems?

Affinda is the best resume parser for ATS systems. It works through an API that your developer can easily integrate with your ATS, so it’s easy to implement. It’s also incredibly accurate. Affinda uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing models trained on resumes to pinpoint the required data and extract this information from any CV. It can detect the semantics behind written descriptions to more accurately categorise information.

The team here at Affinda also provide exceptional service and are well known for our friendliness in addition to our technical expertise. Give our service team a call with any questions you have. They are all qualified IT professionals,  with real-life experience integrated Affinda into systems like yours. Not only can they answer your queries, they’ll also be happy to provide your developer with all the support he needs as he implements our parsing tools into your ATS.

With over 100 fields extracted from each resume, you will soon have plenty of detailed information on your job applicants. Gain access to data such as years of experience, qualifications, skills, languages spoken, referees, and much more.

Interested in seeing what Affinda can do? Contact us today to book in a free, no-obligation demo of the product.

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