The Best Recruitment Software: CV Parsing APIs

The most useful type of recruitment software available today may be CV parsing APIs; software that parses resumes and transforms unstructured data into data you can use.
February 17, 2022
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The Best Recruitment Software: CV Parsing APIs
The Best Recruitment Software: CV Parsing APIs

As a recruiter or HR professional, any way that you can save time spent on parsing candidates CVs is extremely useful. Imagine if you could spend less time assessing applicants while at the same time finding even more qualified candidates for your clients. With the right tools, such as recruitment software for CV parsing, you can achieve exactly that! Make the CV review process a breeze with a few handy tools at your disposal.

The Best Recruitment Software: CV Parsing APIs and More

The best timesaving tools for recruiters fall into three main categories: applicant tracking systems, interview software, and CV parsing APIs. Here’s a brief summary of how each of these HR tools can make your life better.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Save time and effort during the recruiting process by using an applicant tracking system, or ATS. This HR technology is used by recruiting firms and job boards all over the world to hold and sort candidate information. This convenient tool can help you to keep better candidate records during and after the recruitment process. The talent pool of applicants you curate during one job search helps with later talent acquisition as you’ll have records of past candidates’ resume data so you can contact them again when a new role comes up.

A positive candidate experience is paramount so that interviewees start off on the right foot with a potential employer. Having an ATS can help recruitment agencies to create a smoother process for potential candidates by automating communications and ensuring that you don’t forget any candidates.

Interview Software

As online interviews continue to gain popularity, many recruiting teams are now using interview software during the hiring process to screen suitable candidates. There are two main types of interview software – those that allow you to interview online in real-time and those which enable the hiring manager to watch pre-recorded candidate responses. Both are useful tools for screening and finding potential talent and learning more about the relevant skills of the applicants.

CV Parsing APIs

CV parsing APIs might just be the most beneficial recruiting tool of them all. More and more people are integrating their recruitment software with CV parsing technology. Resume parsing tools allow recruiters to upload CVs and extract the data to populate candidate profiles, making the formation of a talent directory in your ATS almost automatic.

A resume parser software can take any CV and turn it into helpful information sorted into categories such as job title, work experience, and relevant skills. This makes it easier than ever to compare candidates against each other and determine who is most closely aligned with the skills required in the job description.

If you don’t have recruitment software with CV parsing technology, don’t worry – you can get an API to integrate a CV parser with your existing software.

The Best Recruitment Software With CV Parsing Technology

Affinda offers a quality CV parser that’s currently used by recruitment teams all around the world to streamline the recruitment process. Our CV parser API can be integrated with your existing apps and workflow to speed up the candidate review process.

Review all incoming job applications more easily than ever before by using a parser to populate candidate profiles. That way, instead of comparing CVs in various formats, you’ll be able to compare relevant categories of information against each other. For example, find out who has the most suitable work experience or qualification in just a few clicks!

Use a CV parser to send higher-quality candidates to your clients, and keep them coming back for more! Speak to a member of team today about your CV parsing requirements. We’re always happy to adapt to your needs, so we’d love to discuss how our recruitment software with CV parsing could be of use to your organisation.

Contact us today to see the product in action with a demo or ask any questions you have about the product.

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