The Best CV Parsing Software for Job Boards

There's no easier way to give your job board a makeover than by installing CV parsing software. But what is the best? We'll look at that here.
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The Best CV Parsing Software for Job Boards
The Best CV Parsing Software for Job Boards

Do you need CV parsing software to run a successful job board or recruitment agency? That's a loaded question, and it's easier to answer if we take a step back. What does a successful job board involve?

To be successful, your job board should be user-friendly and fast-paced. It should be easy for job hunters to submit applications, easy for hiring managers to view applications, and well organized enough that those making hiring decisions can easily sort through applicants and locate suitable candidates.

If you're not there yet, CV parsing software may be one tool your job board is missing.  Modern resume parsing software,  based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing, can take the unstructured data present in submitted resumes and turn it into a database of candidate information that is actually useful to those doing the hiring.

Twenty years ago an applicant might have been willing to fill in long specialized forms for every job board, enabling you to populate candidate profiles and get the information to companies with open positions who have posted jobs on your board. No longer.  Today, the most you can expect from applicants is filling out a short form on registration, and perhaps writing a short cover letter specific to each application.  Otherwise, if you want organized candidate information, you have to earn it.

That's where your resume parser comes in. CV parsing software allows you to present job candidates with a simple 'upload resume' button- and with that, your candidate profile is complete. Job seekers are happy, job providers are happy, and your job board is a model of smooth efficiency.

What the best CV parsing software looks like

There are more than one CV parsing software option on the market, so your big question is likely to be: which one is the best? Here's what you want to look at when making your decision:

  • Uptime: a good CV parsing API will be consistently working when you need it. High uptime and reliability are a must when it comes to your job board, and this should be first on your list.
  • Seamless Integration:  your ideal resume parsing solution will be able to integrate seamlessly into your job boards and applicant tracking system, processing CVs at the click of a button, running data extraction in the background and then automatically populating your candidate profiles.
  • Accuracy: if your CV parser skips relevant information- or, even worse, parses relevant information incorrectly- it's not worth the trouble of installation. An accurate parser that does the job right every time is essential for your application.
  • Support: even the most capable user working with the best software will sometimes run into sticky spots or bugs, and when that happens, a good support team is important. Look for resume extraction software with a highly accessible, easy to reach support team that is willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

The Best CV Parsing Software

There's one CV parsing solution that meets all those criteria- and more. It's called Affinda, and it's easy for your developers to integrate into your job boards, allowing for seamless functionality. It's highly accurate, and uses specialized HR technology and advanced natural language processing to make sense of any resume. Affinda's support team is known worldwide for their friendliness,  and they'll work with you as if it was their life mission to make your CV parsing journey as easy and rewarding as possible.

As an extra bonus, Affinda's resume parsing tool is affordable, and even offers a free trial API key if you'd like to take it for a trial run. Why not? Get your job board working with modern efficiency, and it won't be long till you're one of the go-to places for both job seekers and hiring managers.

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