Which is the Best Bulk Resume Parser

If you deal with large amounts of resumes on a regular basis, a bulk resume parser is not only a convenience, it is a necessity.
December 16, 2021
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Which is the Best Bulk Resume Parser
Which is the Best Bulk Resume Parser

Do you have a talent pool that is going to waste because the information is too difficult to access? Maybe you realise that you’ve had excellent applicants in the past who were unsuccessful, but it’s too time-consuming to go through all of the CVs just to find out who might be worth putting forward for a new position.

Bulk resume parsing is the ultimate solution. Resume parsing software enables you to turn resumes you’d otherwise never look at again into useful data. With AI-powered CV parsing you will be able to extract candidate information such as education, qualifications, years of experience, and more to help you find the ideal applicant for your next role. But you’ll need an excellent bulk resume parser to help you achieve this!

Which is the Best Bulk Resume Parser?


Affinda comes out on top as the best bulk resume parser as it can analyse and extract high volumes of data while maintaining excellent accuracy. When pitted head to head with our competitors, we come out on top, especially in terms of accuracy. This is important for companies who really want to hire the best candidate.

Not only do we have the ability to easily deal with bulk data,  we are also known for our outstanding customer service. Instead of hiring call centre operators, we have filled our service team with IT professionals who understand our bulk resume parser inside and out. You’ll be able to get in touch with someone who can quickly get to the heart of your query and resolve it.

For enterprise level resume parsing, where problems can be costly, this is especially important. Our customer services staff are known for going above and beyond in providing customisations and support that enables our clients to implement our CV parser into their existing systems.

Our free online resume parser is easy to use and allows you to try out our service without commitment. If you want to try us out and parse the information you have on file, give it a go!

Affinda Review:

“Good pricing, product, service, good quality clean data. We conducted a thorough search. The firm processes thousands of resumes a week, and having an accurate resume parser helps the team save significant amounts of time in managing candidate data.”


With ultra-fast processing speeds, you can get bulk data parsing performed by Sovren in a short amount of time. They boast median processing times of under half a second, which we think sounds great. However, their software does prioritise speed over accuracy, so you may not be able to attain data that’s as correct as you need it to be.

Sovren’s bulk resume parser has been around for a long time. This means that their tech was built a number of years ago now and does not leverage the benefits of machine learning.


If you want to parse a smaller load of CVs, Rchilli is a good choice. They offer parsing at a reasonable price point, but this software is not made to deal with companies who need a high level of accuracy and you may want to run manual checks after parsing. If you are receiving thousands of resumes each week, this might not be the best option for your company.

One of the benefits of using the Rchilli parser is that it has the ability to parse in 30 languages, which is how it has ended up being so popular with staffing companies in India. If you have a need to parse resume data in many Indian languages, Rchilli is probably your best bet.

Try Out the Best Bulk Resume Parser for Free!

If you’re ready to save time and money by using a bulk resume parser, it makes sense to go with the best. And now, you can try out Affinda’s bulk parsing software for free!

Either try our free online tool to see what we can do with small amounts of data, or apply now for your free API key to see how we can handle bulk data. Please note that you will need a developer to integrate this with your applicant tracking system.

If you have questions about Affinda’s bulk resume parser, get in touch with our team today. They’ll be able to answer all of your questions about how our parsing software can save you hours spent on manual data entry and sorting through candidate profiles.

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