Integrating Automated Resume Screening Software into Your ATS

Automated resume screening for your ATS enables you to match qualified candidates with the roles that fit them perfectly - no guesswork is required.
June 12, 2022
6 Minutes
Match candidates with roles using automated resume screening
Match candidates with roles using automated resume screening

Have you ever wished that there was an easier way of screening candidates during the recruitment process? Talent acquisition is hugely time-consuming, especially when you’ve posted a job and now have to read through dozens, or even hundreds, of job applications. Thankfully, automated resume screening software for your ATS platform is here to change all of that!

Why Do I Need Automated Resume Screening Software?

There must be a reason that so many recruiters use resume screening tools during the hiring process. What are the benefits of automated resume screening software?

Improved Hiring Outcomes

If you have a low success rate for new hires, with people often leaving within the first year, your recruitment processes need an upgrade. By searching for your job criteria and key skills using resume matching software, it’s easy to quickly locate qualified candidates. Then you can spend your time in the job interview focusing more on team and culture fit, as you already know that this person is a viable candidate.

Excellent Return On Investment

You only have a limited budget for recruitment, so anywhere that you can save some money is highly beneficial. Imagine how much resources you could save if you don’t have to start from scratch with every new position. Automated resume screening software allows you to create a database of talent and run a search through that whenever a new role comes up.. People have already expressed interest by applying for previous positions with you; search and match software enables you to find candidates for upcoming roles by searching for skills, qualifications, and experience. This saves you plenty of time and money, as you may not even have to advertise the position!

What Is An ATS-Friendly Resume?

Many job seekers miss out on roles because they don’t have a good ATS resume. The idea of an ATS-friendly resume came about because in the early days, resume parsing tools couldn’t process CVs that weren’t in a particular layout. As old-style resume screening tools relied on a template system, any creatively formatted resumes could not be read by the software. Qualified candidates who submitted such resumes missed out on follow-up because their resumes simply never got into the system.

These types of resume parsers still exist. However, there are now better options, such as Affinda’s Search and Match tool. We use a machine-learning-led model that can parse data from even the most uniquely formatted resumes. Never let a great candidate fall through the cracks again just because their CV is not designed for ATS software.

What is the Best Automated Resume Screening Software?

The best automated resume screening software is Affinda’s Search and Match. It can be integrated with your applicant tracking system, giving your hiring managers the ability to search a candidate database, weed out unqualified candidates with ease, and streamline your screening process.

Affinda has years of experience in working with enterprises to make their recruitment processes easier. We even have a dedicated in-house legal team who are adept at navigating their way through enterprise procurement processes. Clients choose us because it’s far simpler to deal with a company that is used to serving enterprise customers.

Our AI-powered resume screening tool interacts with your applicant tracking software to provide insightful search suggestions. Plus, you can search by a range of key fields. This includes job titles, location, years of experience, university degrees, and more.

If you want to spend less time filtering out unsuitable job applications and more time understanding your potential recruits, you need this automated resume tool. Contact us today to find out more about how we can support you through the implementation of the software.

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