Top Automated Resume Screening Software Hacks

Automated Resume Screening Software is more than just an easy way to comb through resumes. Here's how you can make the most out of this cutting-edge AI tool.
August 14, 2022
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Automated resume screening software can be transformational for your HR team.
Automated resume screening software can be transformational for your HR team.

If you work in the world of recruitment, then you know how important it is to find the right candidates in as little time as possible. Job applicants don’t want to wait around through a lengthy hiring process, so you need to quickly uncover the most viable candidates before they fall through your fingers. Automated resume screening software can help you do just that!

What Is An Automated Resume Screening Tool?

An automated resume screening tool is a piece of software that takes candidate resumes and automatically parses the information in them, then screens those that meet given criteria. Automated resume screening tools do several important things:

  1. They extract key information from the resumes, parsing data such as job history, education, etc.
  2. They populate the fields in your ATS, creating machine-readable profiles of each candidate.
  3. They screen those candidates for what matters to you, be that education, experience, or something entirely different.

You’ve likely already heard of resume parsing tools or automated screening software. What you may not have realised is how life-changing this software is when you begin using it during recruitment processes.

Imagine this – you’ve linked your automated resume screening tool to your applicant tracking system (ATS). You put up a job posting, and as job seekers apply for the role, the resume parser scans their CVs, automatically populating data into your ATS. No need for them to complete extra processes or create an ATS-friendly resume – the parser can pull data from any type of CV and fill in the required fields.

From there, it’s easy to compare potential candidates, weed out unqualified candidates, and decide who to invite to interview.

Top 5 Automated Resume Screening Software Hacks

Link To Your ATS

By linking your parser to your ATS, you can significantly reduce the workload for yourself while you’re recruiting. Simplify the candidate screening process through automation; data such as work experience, skills, job titles, and time in roles will flow through without any work required from you. Easily compare job candidates against the preferred qualifications and experience listed in the job description.

Give Redacted Data To Hiring Managers

If you work for a recruitment company, it’s best practice to pass on job applications to hiring managers without the candidate’s personal details. This means that they can’t circumvent your process and contact the applicant directly. Using an automated resume screening tool, you can have this information redacted so you can easily pass on only the most relevant information to your clients.

Find An Option That Parses many Languages

Do you work for an international company? Most organisations can benefit from investing in a resume parser that can parse in many languages. While most screening software is aimed at English-speaking businesses and applicants, there are a few options out there that can also parse in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Hindi, and many more!

Use a Tool that  Parses any Format

A common complaint about automated resume screening is that it relies on CVs being in a standard format or only works on resumes worded a certain way. Instead of dealing with these complexities, look for a tool that uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand any type of text, no matter the format it’s in.

Experiment First– Try for Free Online

Why invest in software if you’re not sure that it’s right for your needs? The best option is to look for resume parsers that allow you to use them online for free before making any type of commitment. There’s no reason to sign a check when you don’t know if a particular automation tool will actually work for your use case.

If you’re a recruiter, hiring manager, or HR professional who hasn’t yet tried using a parsing tool to find the most qualified candidates, it’s about time you did! Leverage the advanced technology now available to you to find the best candidate for the job every single time. Contact us for more info on Affinda Search and Match , or to sign up for a free trial API key.

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