5 Reasons You Should be Using a Parsing Resume Tool

Why use a parsing resume tool? We've summarized them in five reasons. If you don't have time to read them all, here's the bottom line: there's no better way to get stellar results with minimum outlay.
November 24, 2021
4 minutes
5 Reasons You Should be Using a Parsing Resume Tool
5 Reasons You Should be Using a Parsing Resume Tool

Are you sick of reading through what feels like thousands of resumes for each position you post? Putting up just one job ad can result in an influx of hundreds of CVs. Reading every single one takes far too much time just to hire one candidate at the end of it all. So, what can you do?

Affinda has been a game-changer for numerous Human Resources teams. We offer a parsing resume tool that can detect relevant information and put it together in an easy-to-understand format. Keep reading to discover how using an automatic resume parser can transform your hiring process.

5 Reasons Human Resources Teams Should Be Using a Parsing Resume Tool

human resource staff without resume parsing tools
The fate of human resource teams without resume parsing tools

1. Reduce Time to Hire

An automatic resume parser like Affinda can drastically reduce your time to hire. A resume parsing tool allows you to quickly filter out candidates based on your criteria, eliminating the need to actually read every application. It uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to parse resume data, bringing relevant skills and job experience to the forefront. This saves hours upon hours of your team’s time, allowing you to hire faster.

2. Improve Candidate Experience

Because you can filter through resumes faster, you’ll also improve the candidate experience. As you know, the faster that you can make a hiring decision, the better the outcome can be. Candidates don’t want to be dragged through a lengthy recruitment process just to be told that they are unsuccessful. Even the successful applicant can become disengaged by the end of a two-month recruitment process, reducing the likelihood of hiring success.

3. Save on Recruitment Costs

Every minute you spend on a recruitment process counts towards the cost of it. But it’s not just your time that can be expensive – automatic resume parsing software can be one of your most significant recruitment expenses. Affinda is here to change that, with incredibly accurate resume parsing technology at a fraction of the cost. Information extraction doesn't have to be time consuming, and it doesn't have to be expensive either.

Keep more of your budget to spend on the selection process and finding the right applicant and spend less on reviewing applications.

4. Gain Your Time Back

If you’re currently manually entering data from resumes into your applicant tracking software, you know how time-consuming this is. Affinda can extract all the candidate information you’re looking for, and your developer can set it up so that this information gets automatically filled into your applicant tracking system.

That state-of-the-art resume screening means no more sitting around, typing in candidate data that you may never use! With all the extra time you gain by using a CV parsing tool, you’ll be able to focus on other things like the onboarding process to ensure that your eventual new hire has an excellent start at the company.

5. Discover the Best Applicants

When you have hundreds of resumes to compare against each other, incredible applicants can slip through the cracks. However, if you have attached Affinda to your ATS, you’ll be able to parse your resume data and easily sort candidates by skills, experience, education, and more.

This ensures that you keep every suitable candidate in the process. Gain confidence in your hiring process, knowing that you can more accurately sort through candidates. Hire the best person for the job every single time, thanks to insights from data extraction.

If you’re currently in an HR team that’s bogged down by the recruitment process, try using Affinda’s parsing resume tool. You’ll love all the time, energy, and money you can save! Leave us a note if you'd like to be contacted about how our AI solutions can be part of your organization's workflow.

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