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Learn how Affinda’s document AI platform can help your organisation.

Solutions by department


Streamline recruitment processes by using AI to automate tasks, boost efficiency and enhance candidate experiences.

Accounts Payable

Automate the processing of invoices, receipts, credit notes and more to optimise your accounting and finance departments.


Automate the processing of identity documents to optimise KYC, onboarding and identity verification processes.


Automate hundreds of other document processing workflows - speak to our team about your specific use case.

Who needs AI for their document processing?

Job Boards

Improve your application rate by simplifying the registration process. Let your candidates upload their resumes without having to re-type their info again. Implement resume parser and job description parsers into your job board.

HR Professionals

Leave the repetitive, menial tasks to the AI, and do what you do best - talk to real people. Resume parser, job description parser, and candidate search and match can free up hours in your work week.

Recruitment Teams

Affinda's recruitment suite can help reduce the workload of your recruitment team without reducing their productivity. By automating their data extraction tasks, they can make more candidate placements and fill more positions faster.

Accounts Payable Teams

Extracting data from invoices and delivering them in a browsable and usable format is just what any AP department needs. AI can make that happen easily. No learning curve or training needed.

ERP Platforms & IT Consultants

Bring your service to a new level by integrating the most accurate document processing API into the existing workflows of enterprise clients.

Software Companies

Embed our superb products into your platforms using seamless API. Any document processing task, from invoice and receipt extraction to KYC solutions is one API call away.

Every business with a repetitive
document processing task.

Our document AI platform makes any document processing task easy to automate.
Combining human-like understanding and computer-grade accuracy, it offers output of unmatched quality.
We can train it to work for your specific case. See for yourself.

Affinda is trusted by some of the world's leading organisations

"Affinda’s team responded quickly to any inquiries, while their API was straightforward and well documented, working faster and more reliably than competing solutions available on the market. This made Affinda an easy choice.”

Samar Basnet

Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect | Aqore

Affinda security

We spend all day thinking about security so you don’t have to.

We know it’s not easy to navigate the complex world of information security, but we understand it’s importance. We have invested heavily in security across multiple fronts to enable continuous monitoring and improvement of security practices. Our practices are ISO 27001 certified so you can be confident your data is safe.

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