Affinda's Resume Parser Pricing

We offer a variety of purchasing options for our CV parsing API solution.

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Pricing plan

Our testing packages provide the quickest and simplest way to get started with our resume parser. The Basic Package is free, offering an ideal opportunity to begin integrating our API into your resume analysis workflow.

Basic Package
Perfect for getting started with our API
Limited testing and integration
Parsing limit: 200 documents
Expiration: 1 month
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Advanced Package
For testing full integration in your workflow
Extensive testing and integration of the API
Parsing limit: 2,000 documents
Expiration: 3 months
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Subscription Options:

We offer a wide range of annual subscriptions for resume parsing, designed to fit your processing needs. And because it’s an annual contract, there’s no need to worry about your credits expiring each month.

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Powered by VEGA

Our VEGA AI Engine has been trained on millions upon millions of documents of all types and can use the lessons learned to tackle new challenges.

Self-hosted API

API Self-hosted options

Affinda’s Resume Parser API Self-hosted is built for on-premise deployments. Get in touch for a customized quote.

Human resources ERP System

Human resources ERP System Leader

Talk to our expert and see why Affinda is top choice for HR enterprise resource planning systems.

Human resources ERP System

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Our experts are excited to show you a demo of our end-to-end process — from data collection and training, to model building and iteration, to end solution deployment.

Annual Parses
Annual Pricing
800 (USD)
1200 (USD)
2500 (USD)
3600 (USD)
6000 (USD)
9000 (USD)
12,000 (USD)
15,000 (USD)
18,000 (USD)
"How is it possible that Affinda is both the most powerful and affordable option?"
We've adopted the most recent advances in the AI field of 'Transfer Learning', making it possible to extract a CV with dramatically less computational power - while also increasing accuracy. We pass these savings on to you! If it sounds too good to be true, just try it for yourself and find out why so many companies are switching to Affinda.

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