Resume Redaction Software for Bias-Free Recruiting

Diversity is more than a catchphrase; it can increase productivity, reduce groupthink, and help your company beat any competition. But what is the secret to a diverse, well-qualified workforce? What you need is resume redaction software.
September 4, 2022
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Resume redaction software is the easiest way to get a well-qualified, fully diverse team together.
Resume redaction software is the easiest way to get a well-qualified, fully diverse team together.

When you’re looking for a new staff member, it’s crucial that you remain impartial throughout the hiring process so that you choose the best candidate for the job. Research shows that bias-free hiring and the diverse workforces they foster result in higher productivity, more innovation, and an increase in firm revenue.

What's the problem, then? Though we never meant to be unfair, unconscious bias often works to make us choose candidates that look like us or meet some stereotype as 'ideal' for the role. The best way to eliminate these biases is to eliminate the distracting information that causes them in the first place.   If you’re looking for a way to reduce unconscious bias when making hiring decisions, you need resume redaction software.

What Is Blind Recruitment?

Blind hiring is the process of eliminating any personal details from candidates’ applications that may result in a biased decision. Information that may be removed from the application includes references to gender, age, ethnicity, and race. This means removing their name, any photos, and other identifying details.

What Is Resume Redaction Software?

Resume redaction software enables recruiters to implement a blind recruitment process more easily. Use software to implement blind hiring practices, and all you’ll need to do is upload CVs to the tool, and you’ll get them back with all identifying details removed, eliminating the need to do this manually.

Why Use Resume Redaction Software?

Reduce Bias

Of course, the number one motivation for wanting blind CVs is to reduce unconscious bias during the hiring process. While most people don’t think that they let things like gender or ethnicity become a factor in their decision-making, many studies have proven that these do indeed have an effect. If you’re looking to hire more fairly and reduce CV discrimination, a blind recruitment process is the way to go.

Improve Diversity

The result of reducing bias during hiring is often that you’ll get more workplace diversity in your organisation. You may be surprised that when you only have the skills and experience of job candidates to focus on, you end up interviewing more diverse candidates that can bring new perspectives to your organization.

Better Hiring Outcomes

Taking away the extraneous details from an application means that the hiring panel has to focus solely on each applicant’s skills. By doing this and comparing the abilities of a candidate against the job description, hiring managers often make better hiring decisions. This results in more successful hires, lower turnover, and greater job satisfaction.

Reduce Manual Administration

When companies first introduce blind hiring practices, they often do so manually as they don’t have the right software to do it. This can cause many issues when it comes to the applicant tracking system – you can’t delete data that you’ll need later on. Instead of messing with the applicant tracking system, many people will just save a copy of the CVs, remove personal information (including names), and then number them. This way, the hiring team can give the numbers of the people they want to interview. However, this is a manual and time-consuming process, and if you forget which numbers you gave to which resumes, it can result in a lot of confusion! Using blind recruiting software makes the entire process simple, with no manual administration required.

Diverse workteam, the result of resume redaction software
There's something dynamic about a diverse working atmosphere that leads to higher productivity and more creativity.

Which Is the Best Resume Redaction Software?

If you’re looking for the ultimate solution for bias-free recruiting, you need Affinda’s resume redactor. All you need to do is upload the CVs and let our software do the rest. Once processed, you can download the blind resumes to use in your recruitment process.

Searching for top talent without bias has never been so simple! Plus, this tool can be integrated with your applicant tracking system via API for seamless workflows and ultimate efficiency. Enjoy having hours of your time back when you’re not creating the blind resumes yourself. Contact us today to find out more.

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